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Getaway Car-Go! / Enter Lord Druid!
Toon Disney
Getaway Car-Go - A racer after loosing his pink slips reeks havoc in the state by stealing variou... Mais Getaway Car-Go - A racer after loosing his pink slips reeks havoc in the state by stealing various muscle and sports cars. That racer is Car-go along with his pit crew: Piston, Camshaft, other guy. Stealing all of the best cars they could find focuses on the fastest production car ever built, the Penketh QRS. It is about to be displayed on a car show the state is holding. Will Teamo Supremo stop Car-go and his pit crew from stealing the Penketh QRS and apprehend this rogue racer? Enter Lord Druid - The entire state is currently encountering a massive Deja Vu and is seem to be repeating themselves. Finding this rather annoying, Teamo Supremo with the aid of Paulsen discovered that something is toying with the time stream and is causing disruptions to the very fabric of time itself. The Chief reported that some rocks were missing from various places of the state. They later then discovered that a person who calls himself Lord Druid and his henchmen stole these unstable rocks, forme
  • taeyeon
  • Reem S Felemban
  • blu.pony
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