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Departure 1
Lost in Africa 2
An Elephant Never Forgets 3
at NBC 2 temporadas Terminado
The show revolves around Jennifer "Scout" Lauer, a teenage girl who lives the simple life in New York City until her photographer father is sent on year-round trip around the world and she is forced to live with her Know-it-all mother and her new husband at a resort in South Africa. While she is there she is exposed to a new world, goes to a new school, and reunites with her other best friend named Bongani, who believes strongly in his Zulu culture, lives with his Uncle C.B., a veterinarian. Bongani is often the voice of reason for Scout. While still keeping in contact with her best friend Sherna via webcam, she has to deal with her stepdad's bratty and Know-it-All young son Tyler. During the course of the series Scout eventually becomes more comfortable in her new surroundings.
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  • Julia Soicher
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