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Sleeping with the Enemy
The WB
Johnny prepares for the premiere of his new movie, "Underdogs," a buddy comedy about a pri... Mais Johnny prepares for the premiere of his new movie, "Underdogs," a buddy comedy about a private eye whose partner is reincarnated as a talking dog. He talks Courtney into being his date, and tries to kiss her during the film. Quentin and Helena begin sleeping together. She convinces him to take her to the premiere to steal media attention from Johnny. Hunter makes a play for Quentin so that he will dump her mother. After Helena shows up at the premiere drunk, Hunter puts aside her bitterness to help her. Marcy searches for a spectacular outfit for the premiere in the hopes of breaking her pattern of poor fashion choices. ("This time when that magazine asks, 'What were they thinking?' I'm going to have an answer," she vows.) She dons a very revealing dress (a la Jennifer Lopez), only to see it rip apart when she makes the mistake of sitting down. Dave saves her from complete embarrassment by loaning her his jacket.
  • lukastaves
  • Rafael Inácio
  • rebosco
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