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Barenaked in America
The WB
Deegan sells topless photos of Courtney to Playpen Magazine. Johnny takes offense when crew members ... Mais Deegan sells topless photos of Courtney to Playpen Magazine. Johnny takes offense when crew members drool over the photographs, as he objects to the violation of Courtney's privacy. He explains that someone once took photos of him changing during an underwear-modeling gig and sold them to an Italian magazine. Quentin steals Johnny's story and uses it to get closer to Courtney. The scandal involving Courtney causes the show's ratings to shoot up, prompting the network to make her the center of all promos for the series. She is offered a role as a stripper in a new Adam Sandler movie, but turns it down because she doesn't want to be typecast. Kevin consistently fails in his attempts to get millionaire Quentin to reimburse him for the seven-dollar magazine. A national cheerleading organization gives Marcy an award, but she feels guilty because her stand-in actually performs all of the cheers on the show. She insists on being allowed to take part in one of the cheerleading scenes. Marcy overcomes her lack of coordination and learns the cheer, only to have her work cut in favor of a scene in which Laura works as a stripper. Dave tries to muster the courage to ask Marcy on a date. He writes out what he plans to say, but Hunter discovers it on her computer and concludes that Dave has the hots for her. When a concerned Marcy tries to discourage Dave from pursuing Hunter (without referring to her by name), he mistakenly believes that Marcy is rejecting him. As Hunter and Dave lament their depressing lives in her trailer, she suddenly plants a kiss on him.
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  • Rafael Inácio
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