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Friday at BBC One 1 temporadas Terminado
Jack, Granville and Eddie are on work experience, as the family drama in which three reluctant rock stars are thwarted by their meddling parents continues. Their parents want to “keep an eye on them” during their work experience, so they are all working with each other’s parents. Jack is at the law firm run by Granville’s dad, Ashton. Phil, however, is appalled by the idea of raising a lawyer in his own home. He thinks Jack should concentrate on being a rock star instead. Granville is overjoyed at the prospect of his placement at Sandy’s salon, where he is convinced there will be lots of “fine ladies”. And Eddie will be working with Phil, who plans for him to make his own guitar. Phil is hoping for another date with Sandy, so sending Eddie home with his fingers intact is probably a pre-requisite. Later, Phil is horrified to find a packet of cigarettes in Jack’s room. He confronts his son and makes a deal – if Jack packs in the cigarettes, he’ll pack in his coffee. Unsurprisingly, Phil finds that cranberry juice just isn’t the same as a good, strong coffee, and it’s not long before his caffeine withdrawal starts to take effect… Jack is played by Peter Losasso, Granville by Franz Drameh, Eddie by David Barseghian, Ashton by Colin McFarlane, Phil by Jimmy Nail and Sandy by Niky Wardley.
  • Thiago Vinicius
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