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Time Out of War
July 1915: Following his accident, Alan has to spend three weeks acting as Charles Gaylion's ob... Mais July 1915: Following his accident, Alan has to spend three weeks acting as Charles Gaylion's observer. His friendship with Gaylion causes unrest among the NCOs because of the difference in their rank, and becomes a concern for Triggers. Alan and Charles are sent back to England to pick up a new plane from Farnborough. Charles, being an officer, travels first class, but Alan is forced to stand in a crowded compartment with the other ranks. On arrival, they learn that the plane is not ready; while they are waiting, Lorna comes to see Alan at the factory. He tells her that they are both changing and he finds it difficult to plan for the future, but agrees to continue to write to her. While staying overnight at the Gaylions' home in London, he is introduced to Charles's sister Kate and her pacifist friends. Having slept until evening, he gets ready to go out with Charles but finds that only Kate is in the house. They have supper together, and Kate tells Alan that Charles has developed a drinking habit because of his fear of being at the Front. Charles returns, drunk and furious at finding Alan and Kate alone together, and creates a scene. On their return to base, Triggers is at first relieved to see that they have fallen out, but later reproves both of them for their conduct and tries to explain the need for "structure on the ground".
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