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August 2022

Didn't like this dragon at all. This bright colour is awfull and the cgi came out bad😅

August 2022

@Gianluca I found that the CGI for Syrax was better than the CGI for Caraxès in the final scene (personally) 🧐

August 2022

Well apparently I need to watch again so I can get in on the dragon quality convo!

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August 2022

@Gianluca can you give me any dragon in any tv show or move that looks better than the dragons of game of thrones or house of the dragon .
you can't

August 2022

For me as long it doesn't feel weird to my eyes I'm fine... I think all dragons were pretty damn good... They did a good job

October 2022

I thought their flight was wonky looking 🌀 Not like one whole animal, but rather like a bird of prey hauling the heavy carcass of his kill in the airs and having to correct trajectories because of the added weight. Maybe the should have studied birds or bats some more. I feel like bats would be a good inspiration for their flight movements 🤔