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ANTICIPATION REPORT: November Brings New Adventures

We're thankful for all of the great November programming... Adult Swim/Channel 4/Disney+/BBC One

Fantasy and adventure pave the way as we enter November starting with upcoming series, His Dark Materials (No. 1). Based on Philip Pullman’s award-winning trilogy of novels, the magical adventure follows a young woman, Lyra, in search of her kidnapped friend. On her quest, she uncovers a sinister plot of a secret organization and a mysterious phenomenon called “Dust.” The family drama starring Ruth Wilson, James McAvoy, and Lin-Manuel Miranda will premiere on BBC One in the UK (November 3rd), and on HBO in the U.S. (November 4th). 

Next, brand-new streaming services, Disney+ and Apple TV+, are set to launch with an abundance of exciting offerings! Star Wars fans rejoice as another story set in the Star Wars universe, The Mandalorian (No. 2), arrives on the 12th. The latest space western created by Jon Favreau will follow an independent bounty hunter on the outskirts of the galaxy - far from the authority of the New Republic. 

Meanwhile, Apple TV+ holds No. 3 and No. 4 placement with original series, See and The Morning Show. See (No. 3) will take us to a dystopian future where the human race has lost the sense of sight and has found new ways to survive. However, everything they’ve learned is challenged after a set of twins are born with the gift of seeing the world. The Morning Show (No. 4) gives us an inside look of the people who wake up America every morning. After Alex Levy’s co-anchor is fired amidst a sex scandal, Alex (Jennifer Anniston) must fight to keep her job as top newsreader while an aspiring journalist (Reese Witherspoon) tries to take her place. Both series debut with AppleTV+ on November 1st.

Last but certainly not least, a beloved DC character returns in animated form with Harley Quinn (No. 5). Following her break-up with the Joker, the action-comedy follows Harley’s misadventures as she receives help from friend, Poison Ivy, and becomes a member of the “Legion of Doom”. The much-anticipated DC Universe series finally comes to fruition on the 29th.

Our returning category brings several fan-favorites starting with the long-awaited second season of The End of the F***king World (No. 1). We find Alyssa - two years after the wild Season 1 finale - trying to get a “fresh start” in life. However, a gun-toting mysterious new character with a connection to Alyssa might put her in danger’s way once again. Fans are also dying to know if James is still alive following the events of last season, and will be able to find out after the show’s Channel 4 premiere on the 4th.

Another animated selection for November is Season 4 of Rick and Morty. The cult favorite from Adult Swim arrives with the front-half of its fourth season on the 10th. Although story details have been pretty tongue-in-cheek, the new episodes are guaranteed to feature fresh escapades with more serialized plotlines, and will feature time travel!

… And if you thought Netflix wouldn’t make the cut this month -- Think again! Heavy-hitters, The Crown and Atypical, will make their respective comebacks in November. Season 3 of The Crown (No. 3) pushes the biopic series forward to the ‘60s and ‘70s with Olivia Colman stepping in as Queen Elizabeth II. The latest installment will focus more on the marriage of Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon, Prince Charles’ relationship with Camilla Shand, and a changing political climate. Atypical (No. 4) also returns with a third season, which will dive into Sam adapting to university life as Casey wrestles with her romantic feelings for a new school friend.

Finally, kick off the month with new action-packed episodes of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (No. 5). The second season leads to a global mission after tracking a suspicious shipment of illegal arms. CIA officer, Jack Ryan, must travel to South America to investigate and uncover a far-reaching conspiracy and unravel the President of Venezuela’s wicked plot. Season 2 drops on November 1st. 

The final month of 2019 is on the horizon! With the revival of The L Word (Generation Q), the debut of The Witcher, and the return of Lost in Space and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel -- What will make December’s report? All will be revealed on November 27th!

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