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Your Favorite Archiverse Characters: Ranked

NYC pals, Veronica Lodge and Katy Keene, meet up in a "Riverdale" crossover. The CW

The Archiverse has expanded! We’ve come to know and love the dark take on Archie comics with Riverdale and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, however, this year’s addition of a not-so-murdery series, Katy Keene, brings new blood. Let’s take a look at the series’ top 20 characters as voted by TV Time users.

[Warning: Spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk.]

20. “FP Jones” - Skeet Ulrich

Hello, Zaddy! From Serpent to sheriff, Forsythe Pendleton Jones III continues to be a loyal leader and has become a much-involved father to Jughead and Jellybean.

19. “Jorge Lopez / Ginger Lopez” - Jonny Beauchamp

Jorge’s determination to turn drag dreams into drag queen stardom delights TV Time users.

18. “Alice Smith / Alice Cooper” - Mädchen Amick

Between arrests, having a murderer for a husband, and working undercover for the FBI, Alice keeps everyone on their toes.

17. “Kevin Keller” - Casey Cot

Seeing sweet Kevin Keller recently take center stage as Hedwig proves that he deserves more storylines. #JusticeforKevin

16. “Fred Andrews” - Luke Perry

We lost both Fred and Luke in 2019, but he’s forever in our hearts!

15. “Madam Satan/Mary Wardwell” - Michelle Gomez

She’s good and evil at the same time! This complex character has the perfect remark for every scene, and has quickly become a CAOS favorite.

14. “Salem” - Multiple Cats

... Because who doesn’t want Salem as their familiar?

13. “Prudence Blackwood” - Tati Gabrielle

A blend of cruelness and compassion makes for a pretty badass witch. Prudence isn’t afraid to hold a grudge and get revenge, and it’s normally for the right reasons.

12. “Hilda Spellman” - Lucy Davis

Sabrina’s lovable Aunt Hilda charms with her sense of humor and nurturing ways, which is the perfect balance to her sister, Zelda.

11. “Toni Topaz” - Vanessa Morgan

When Cheryl revealed that she was hiding (and talking to) her dead twin brother’s body, did Toni scream and run away? No, and that’s why Toni might be the most supportive girlfriend ever.

10. “Archie Andrews” - K.J. Apa

Despite all of Archie’s struggles (Remember when he was attacked by a bear?!), he continues to put loved ones first as he tries to improve his hometown.

9. “Zelda Spellman” - Miranda Otto

From taking on the collapse of the Church of Night and running the academy, Zelda’s not afraid to take matters into her own hands. Respect.

8. “Ambrose Spellman” - Chance Perdomo

Sabrina’s best power? Ambrose. He’s always there to help Sabrina get through her biggest challenges.

7. “Katy Keene” - Lucy Hale

Ms. Katy Keene hit The CW in February, and she’s already beating Archie with her willpower and keen sense of style.

6. “Nicholas Scratch” - Gavin Leatherwood

Nick went through hell by becoming a human prison for Lucifer in order to protect Sabrina, and though things didn’t quite work out, we’re still rooting for him.

5. “Veronica Lodge” - Camila Mendes

Headstrong and fearless, Veronica Lodge is always ready to fight the good fight to keep her businesses up and running -- with the perfect outfit to match.

4. “Cheryl Blossom” - Madelaine Petsch

Cheryl has been through so much in Riverdale’s four seasons, and yet she can still deliver a savage comeback and fight Principal Honey.

3. “Betty Cooper” - Lili Reinhart

So what if she has the serial killer gene? Riverdale’s “Nancy Drew” always gets to the bottom of every mystery that life throws at her; proving that she’s nothing like her father.

2. “Jughead Jones” - Cole Sprouse

He’s a weirdo, but he’s our weirdo!

1. “Sabrina Spellman” - Kiernan Shipka

Bow down, witches! As the No. 3 overall character for January and No. 1 for February, it comes as no surprise that Sabrina takes the top position while taking on Hell and cheerleading in “Part 3.”

*“Your Favorite Archiverse Characters: Ranked” is based on character votes in TV Time from 1/1/20-4/22/20.