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BINGE REPORT: A Second Week Win For “13 Reasons Why”

"13 Reasons Why" makes for perfect summer bingeing! Netflix

Netflix originals continue to conquer this week as 13 Reasons Why keeps the No. 1 position. The teen drama stays on top for a second week in a row with a growing 13.99% of binge sessions while runner-up crime thriller, Mindhunter, remains strong; holding the No. 2 position. Meanwhile, other summer releases such as: Orange Is the New Black (No. 5), Stranger Things (No. 8), and Money Heist (No. 10) press on as the fall season approaches.

Outside of Netflix dramas, bingeable retired comedies outlast several new series as sitcoms, Friends (No. 3) and The Big Bang Theory (No. 6), never cease as top 10 staples and FOX musical dramedy, Glee, makes a triumphant return; coming in at No. 9. 

The much-anticipated second season of Elite arrives this Friday. Will the Spanish series enter at No. 1 or will 13 Reasons Why dominate for a third week? All will be revealed next Tuesday!

DID YOU KNOW? Looking at 2019 so far, the most tracked Netflix series in TV Time are: 1) Lucifer, 2) Stranger Things, and 3) Money Heist. This week’s Binge Report leader, 13 Reasons Why, currently resides at No. 9!

Methodology: *The weekly Binge Report ranks shows with the most binge sessions. A binge session is when four or more episodes of a show are watched and tracked in our TV Time app within a given day.

Note: The network displayed is the network where the show first aired (e.g. “Friends” on NBC).

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