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BINGE REPORT: “Marvel’s Jessica Jones” Is the Superhero to Beat on This Week’s Binge Report

Fans positioned "Marvel's Jessica Jones" in great standing this week on the Binge Report. Netflix

After a six-week reign on our Binge Report, La Casa de Papel has been unseated by Jessica Jones. The Marvel property, whose second season premiered on March 8th, was long-anticipated. It had been more than a year since the superhero’s debut (although she was featured in last fall’s The Defenders). Fans proved they were hungry for the show to return. TV Time viewers binged heavily on the 13-episode second season averaging 5.09 episodes in the show’s first weekend back. Sadly, the rise of Jessica Jones forced La Casa de Papel into the No. 4 position, ending it’s long-standing status at No. 1. 

The rest of the chart remains unshakeable throughout most of the ranks and with a sleepy week ahead full of brand new premieres like NBC’s Rise and ABC’s For the People, the dominance of Jessica Jones seems almost certain. Stay tuned for next week’s report to see if any new content can break through. See you next Tuesday!

DID YOU YOU KNOW? The Binge Report looks at TV tracking across the globe. But, if we isolated this week’s Binge Report to just France, these would be the top 3 shows: 1) Riverdale; 2) La Casa de Papel; and 3) Marvel’s Jessica Jones.

*The weekly Binge Report tracks and ranks shows based on the number of episodes consumed by the millions of fans across the globe in our TV Time app.

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