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Who Will Sit On The Iron Throne? Make Your Predictions

Who will rule them all at the end of the season? HBO

After close to 2 years off the air, rumors and speculation have run rampant on who will ultimately sit on the coveted "Iron Throne" at the conclusion of Game of Thrones. Betting sites the world over are hosting pools to predict the victor, so check out the odds as we tick closer to the finale. We know you have your favorites, but putting emotion aside, do you think any of these characters will wind up the victor? Check out your daily predictions below.


26. Beric Dondarrion - Lord of Blackhaven

The Lightning Lord and Head of House Dondarrion would be a bit of a stretch, but a member of the Brotherhood without Banners on the Iron Throne would be a game changer. Don’t discount Beric’s prowess, however the last time we saw him he was atop the ill-fated wall and sorely without Thoros of Myr, who has resurrected him 6 times. He’s a fierce fighter, but will he survive Viserion’s attack? And would he ever be tempted to rule Westeros? Oddsmakers’ don’t seem to think so, but they’ve been wrong before.


25. Jaqen H’ghar - The Faceless Man

A man is no one and that means that anyone could sit on the Iron Throne. Would this be the ultimate reveal to twist the knife a little deeper into the fandom? Would Westeros ever be sure who ruled if Jaqen H’ghar were to rise to the head of the table? Would viewers ever be satisfied with this conclusion? Vegas odds certainly think so, the Faceless Man is 100:1 in the race.


26. Gregor Clegane - The Mountain

It would indeed be a bleak world if The Mountain were to wind up on the Iron Throne, but don’t discount George R.R. Martin or the showrunners’ affection for keeping the giant around. Currently, he’s the zombie-fied version of the fearsome warrior he once was, but his allegiance to Queen Cersei has never wavered. In a bloody all-out war, he could become the victor, and we shudder to think where that would leave the Seven Kingdoms. Does dragon glass even work on him?


27. Podrick Payne - Squire to Brienne

Loyalty thy name is Podrick Payne! Affable, hilarious and pure of heart, one could easily see how Podrick would rule the Seven Kingdoms judiciously. Squire to both Tyrion and Brienne, he’s a faithful and honest soldier with friends on many sides. It would perhaps be too easy of a choice, but fans would love to see Pod on the Iron Throne.


28. Bronn the Mercenary - Bronn of the Blackwater

Potentially the most beloved mercenary on all of TV, Bronn is a survivor with an affection for many, but ultimately his allegiance is to the highest bidder. Currently, at the end of Season 7 he's still slinging his sword for the Lannisters, but which Lannister will he favor in the end? Regardless, his skills as a swordsmen are rarely matched, so Bronn could definitely be someone to look out for in Season 8.


29. Yara Greyjoy - Queen of the Iron Islands

Is she alive? Is she dead? We still don't know for sure, but Yara's strength should not be disregarded. If she's alive, Euron is likely holding her hostage and at his parley with Theon, Euron said “if you don’t submit to me here, now, I’ll kill her,” which exposed Theon's cowardice as he jumped overboard. Theon knows she deserves the Salt Throne, but does she deserve the Iron one? Does she even want it? As long as Daenerys and their alliance is alive, she will likely support Dany’s claim. Ultimately, they could still be the siblings to beat. ODDS - 100:1


30. Qyburn - Hand of the Queen, former Master of Whisperers

How the hell is Qyburn still alive??? We can hear Cersei bellowing for him in our heads. A new Small Council member, Qyburn is an ex-Maester, thrown out for his unethical and dangerous experiments. Crafty, devious, and has the ear of the Queen, he's a mad doctor of sorts, and is responsible for reanimating The Mountain, leaking the Wildfire that blew up the Sept, and is currently engineering a newly forged weapon to deal with Daenerys' dragons. Enthralled by the Wights, Qyburn is not to be trifled with and could easily be alive at the conclusion of the series ... because life isn't fair. 


31. Edmure Tully - Lord of Riverrun

The name Edmure Tully might not ring a lot of bells. The last time we saw him was in Season 6 when Jaime Lannister forced him into helping the Lannsiters take back Riverrun for the Freys. He's Catelyn Stark's younger brother, uncle to the Stark children, and presumably heir to house Tully and having been present at the Red Wedding when marrying Roslin Frey there, he naturally has an axe to grind. Played by The Terror and Outlander's Tobias Menzies, the actor is rumored to be back for Season 8 and is predicted to cast a long shadow over the season.