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How Will "Game of Thrones" Conclude? Time To Weigh The Theories

Count the ways Season 8 of "Game of Thrones" could end. HBO

Years of theories surrounding Game of Thrones are finally about to pay off. Will any of your long-held beliefs prove out? What will Season 8 have in store for viewers? We have compiled our top 31 theories by combing the internet, so weigh-in on your thoughts and predications below and as always ... spoilers lie ahead, so you have been forewarned.


24. Jaime Will Kill Cersei

As a teen, Cersei visited the witch - Maggy the Frog who declared that Cersei would watch all her children die, only to be murdered herself. As the prophecy goes, "And when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar or “little brother” shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you.” We know that Cersei’s living children are now dead, but does that mean Jaime will kill Cersi? Or will it be Tyrion? Read more here. 


25. Jon Snow Is NOT A Targaryen

We know Daenerys is a true Targaryen, as she cannot be burned by fire, but does this mean that Jon is not a Targaryen? Back in Season 1, his hand was burned during a fight with a Wight, so he is not immune to fire. However, Drogon clearly smelled dragon’s blood in him when they met at Dragonstone. So is Jon a true Targaryen? Or not? Read More


26. Jaime Is the Prince That Was Promised

The prophecy of the reborn Azor Ahai aka “The Prince that was Promised” is a significant one for any Game of Thrones fan. ​With all eyes on Jon and Dany, could it be Jaime's destiny? ​The Prince is meant to one day save Westeros from the long night with a sword called ‘Lightbringer and Jaime once quipped he will one day be known as ‘Goldenhand’ – because of his now gold hand. Additionally, the High Valyrian words for "Lord" and "Light" are "aeksio" and "onos” and the words for "gold" and "hand" are "aeksion" and "ondos." Could the ancient texts have been mistranslated? Could Jaime be the savior? Read more.


27. Melisandre Is Summoning An Army

We know that Melisandre is heading back to Volantis and must return to Westeros to die there, so what if anything, is she retrieving? Some fans of the show are speculating that she will return with the Fiery Hand, a holy army that could fight alongside Daenerys and Jon. Would they light their swords on fire like the “Lord of Light” follower Beric Dondarrion? Learn more.


28. Littlefinger Is Alive

Fans of the show put their odds on Littlefinger right up until his untimely end in Season 7. Cunning and ruthless, he was an expert gamesman and pitted the various Houses against one another with an almost uncanny ability. However a contingent of avid followers earnestly believe he is still alive. The twist you ask? A faceless man took his place when the Starks executed him, justifying his strange uncharacteristic behavior right up until his death. He has Braavosi blood after all, but it would be a truly cynical move for the show. See more.


29. Daenerys Is Pregnant

We are all aware that way back in Season 1 the witch Mirri Maz Duur foretold that Daenerys would bear a living child "when the sun rises in the west and sets in the east, when the seas go dry and mountains blow in the wind like leaves." Unfortunately for Daenerys and her husband Khal Drogo that was the not the case, but could it be now? A child sired by both Jon and Dany would almost certainly have the right to the throne. Read More.


30. Tyrion Is A Targaryen

It's universally known that Tywin Lannister hated his son. Could Tyrion secretly be a Targaryen and Daenerys' half-brother? We know that Joanna Lannister, died giving birth to Tyrion and was rumored to have been having an affair with the "Mad King" Aerys Targaryen (Danys' father) in and around the 9 months prior to Tyrion's birth. Could Tywin's hatred be legitimate? His last words to Tyrion seemed prophetic -- “You are no son of mine.” Read more from Bustle reporter Aoife Hanna here.


31. The Night King Is Targeting Bran

Could Bran be the Night King’s target? The Night King has had the opportunity to kill Jon Snow multiple times, is there a reason why he's avoiding killing him? Is there a more specific target he has in mind? Chapter 1 of Book 1 is told from Bran’s POV and highlights Bran’s importance to the story, and as a reminder Jojen Reed once said, “Only one thing that matters. You.” Listen to more of the in-depth theory from GrayArea here.

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