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How to Manage Settings

Change App Language

The language your app appears in will be the same language you have your phone set to. To change the language of the app, you must change the language settings on your phone. If you have a second language selected in your phone settings, the app may also appear in this language.

Change Privacy Settings

To update your privacy settings:

  1. Launch the TV Time app.
  2. On the navigation bar at the bottom, tap the Profile tab.
  3. On your profile page, scroll all the way to the bottom and then tap the SETTINGS button.
  4. On the Settings page, under PRIVACY, tap the toggle next to 'Private Account'

Unlink Social Accounts

If you used Facebook or Twitter to create your TV Time account, but have since deleted your Facebook or Twitter account, we can link your TV Time account to an email address instead. We will need two things from you:

Go to the TV Time website and find your profile in search. Send us that URL so that we can use it to find your account on the backend.

Let us know what email address you'd like us to link to your account.

Once we have both your profile URL and your email address we can get you back into your account!

Help Center Article: I Don't have Facebook/Twitter Anymore, How Can I Log In?