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What We're Watching: January at TV Time

The second season of Sex Education hit us right in the feels and we LOVED it. Netflix

A new decade ushers in a new era of television and, I don’t know about you, but here at TV Time we’re excited for what the future holds. We’ve watched some amazing shows so far in 2020, and with old favorites returning and new shows on the horizon, there’s a lot to look forward to. We’ve gone around the office and had some of our team members tell us about the shows that have had the biggest impact on them recently. What we got was a list of some amazing TV recommendations!


Managing Editor, TheTVDB

The Circle 

“So far this year, the only series I’ve watched fully beginning-to-end was The Circle. I’m a big fan of reality competition programs, and I think this one was a unique, modern twist on the classic Big Brother-style popularity contest. The contestants had awesome messages to share about the nuances and downright dangers of social media, and by the end you couldn’t help but love them all. Plus, even I was surprised at the fact that the series could hold my attention using solely footage of contestants alone in their apartments, communicating with each other via a voice-activated operating system. Circle, message 'I want a season 2 please, winky face emoji, prayer hands emoji.’ Send."


Senior Software Engineer


“Why I recommend Watchmen: It's one of the best shows I've seen from last year, if not the best. Everything is amazing about it: the story, the actors, the underlying message, ... Whether you have read the comics (I haven't), watched the movie (I did) or not, just go watch it.”


Client Services, NY

Sex Education 

“Season 2 of Sex Education is hands down is my most anticipated “creme de la creme” shows for 2020, and of course I binged it all over MLK weekend. From the “kid who looks like a Victorian ghost” with freakishly long arms protagonist to unearthing and touching on truly cringe-worthy Sex Ed topics (that we all snoozed through in middle school Health), the creators have done a bang-up job upping the quality of the various plot lines in this follow up season. While S1 introduces us to a brilliant medley of characters - oh hi, Dana Scully, with an English accent - S2 gives us shocking, exciting, angering, happy moments, and the ultimate cliff-hanger of an ending. Feelings, schmeelings.. I’m not crying, you’re crying.”


QA Manager

Star Wars: The Clone Wars 

“By now, Baby Yoda has shown you the best Star Wars is on TV and here’s where that started. Clone Wars bridges the gap between Episode 2 and 3 focusing on Anakin, Padme, Obi-Wan, Ahsoka and of course the clones. Most stories span 3 or 4 episodes with deep plots and you really get to know and understand the characters. Anakin didn’t fall to the dark side overnight and the Mandalorians weren’t always scattered to the stars. The show originally cancelled in 2012 with Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm and the remaining finished episodes were released on Netflix a few years later. In February, the 7th and final season is coming to Disney+ to give the show the proper ending it deserves.”


Community Manager


“While I’m absolutely devastated that one of my all time favorite shows is coming to an end, it has been an INCREDIBLE final season so far. Supernatural is the kind of show that exists for its fans and because of its fans, more than almost any other show that I’ve held dear over the years. The boys and their guardian angel feel like a second family for many of us, not to mention that this show has been on air for well over a decade so you get attached, to say the least. I have faith that the second half of the final season will be as incredible as the first. Here’s to what will almost certainly be an unforgettable finale!”


Social Media Manager

The Outsider 

“I was excited to watch The Outsider on HBO after seeing the trailer. I haven't read the book from Stephen King so going into this blindly is fun. Three episodes in and I've already lost hours of sleep, in a good way. It's getting creepier episode by episode, and HBO is doing a great job with the production. Very satisfied so far!”

We'll be back with more employee recommendations in the future! In the meantime, download the app for your own personalized recommendations.