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The 20 Most Tracked Horror Series of 2019

Watch out for the Upside Down. Netflix

HELLOOOOOO. While spooky season might be coming to an end, it can live on year-round with a slew of different horror series all across streaming platforms. It doesn’t need to be October for you to get in some good frights, and there are dozens of horror series that have a little bit of something for everyone.

With many of these series being anthologies, they’re always reinventing themselves in new and exciting ways so it’s easy to get caught up in a bunch of episodes (or seasons). There are also plenty of world-building series, like with the Walking Dead shows, and series based off of TV shows. And of course, there’s plenty of the Upside Down to go around for everyone and if every day could be spent in Hawkins, we’d do it.

So if you’re looking for a new fright, here are the most tracked series. Maybe watch with the lights on?

20. Kingdom

A young prince must face a new breed of enemies as he unravels political conspiracy and is forced to embark upon a mission to investigate the spread of a mysterious undead plague.

19. What We Do in the Shadows

Based on the movie of the same name, a group of vampires tries to live normal lives by being anything but normal.

18. The Terror

An anthology series that is based more on fact than fiction, while diving into real-world horrific events.

17. Light as a Feather

A game of light as a feather goes horribly wrong as each player starts dying off in the order that was predicted.

16. Marianne

A famous horror writer who is lured back to her hometown discovers that the evil spirit who plagues her dreams is now wreaking havoc in the real world.

15. Black Summer

Set in the "Z Nation" universe, this series follows a crack team of special forces as it fights for hope in the darkest hours of the zombie apocalypse.

14. Slasher

An anthology series where each season centers around a masked killer with an unknown motive for killing their victims

13. Chambers

What if you received a heart transplant, and then found yourself in the middle of troublesome visions all pointing to the death of your donator?

12. Scream: The TV Series

An anthology series based on the slasher movie of the same name, the series follows a few groups of students as they try to stop a slew of killing sprees in their hometowns.

11. The Haunting of Hill House

Yes, it’s a spooky story about a haunted house and the paranormal inhabitants that live there, but it’s also about a family trying to put themselves back together.

10. The Order

College student Jack Morton thinks he’s just joining a secret society that teaches and practices magic, but really he’s about to uncover a long-line of family secrets.

9. iZombie

Not all zombies are scary monsters, as Liv proves that sometimes they’re just trying to work day to day while also trying to stop the undead population taking over Seattle.

8. Fear the Walking Dead

The first Walking Dead spin-off takes us in a brand new direction with brand new characters as they try to fight zombies in different parts of the country and world.

7. Santa Clarita Diet

What if you were a zombie but still went about your everyday activities as if nothing was wrong? That’s the premise for Santa Clarita Diet which has Drew Barrymore playing a realtor with a hankering for human flesh.

6. American Horror Story

With almost a dozen seasons and a constantly rotating cast of actors, American Horror Story started a phenomenon when it comes to spooky stuff. Everyone has a favorite season — what’s yours?

5. Love, Death & Robots

An anthology series that covers a whole range of different genres, one of them which happens to be horror.

4. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

This is not the Sabrina you remember from the ‘90s series. She’s darker, way more into the dark lords, and just trying to live her life as a teenager while also battling the occasional foe.

3. Shadowhunters

Welcome to the world of Shadowhunters, a long line of human-angel hybrids who hunt demons.

2. The Walking Dead

The zombie show that started it all, somehow Daryl is still fighting the walking dead 10 years later — with more spinoffs and movies to come!

1. Stranger Things

It’s got monsters, things that go bump in the night, parallel universes, demon dogs, Russian spies, and an overflowing heaping of Eggos? What more could you want out of Stranger Things, because it’s got EVERYTHING. 

*The "20 Most Tracked Horror Series of 2019" is based on episodes tracked in current series from 1/1/19-10/28/19. 

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