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Most Watched Docuseries of 2020

10-part docuseries, "The Last Dance" ESPN

Nothing beats an addicting docuseries! From watching a team come together for a big event,discovering mysteries that keep us guessing, or continuing our education through history lessons … there’s always something to grab our attention. We’ve gathered the top fifteen docuseries TV Time users are loving this year -- including some now Emmy-nominated series. (Can you believe that Tiger King could be an Emmy winner?!)

Check out the top docuseries of 2020 below, and see if your favorites made the cut!

15. Cheer


The nationally ranked Navarro College competitive cheer squad dedicates their lives toward winning the National Cheerleading Championship.

14. Down to Earth with Zac Efron


Zac Efron travels around the world with a wellness expert to explore healthy and sustainable ways to live.

13. Our Planet


2019’s nature documentary focuses on a diversity of habitats around the world, examining how climate change impacts all living creatures.

12. Sunderland ‘Til I Die


Sport documentary series following an English soccer club through their 2017-18 season as they try to bounce back from relegation from the Premier League.

11. The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez


An investigation into the abuse and brutal murder of an eight-year-old boy, Gabriel Fernandez, caused by his mother and her boyfriend.

10. History 101


Bite-sized history lessons covering a variety of topics such as: AIDS, nuclear power, and fast food.

9. I Am a Killer

Crime & Investigation Network UK

Airing internationally in 2020, the UK docuseries features interviews with death row inmates and what led them to their crimes.

8. Don’t F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer


After a man posted a video of himself killing kittens online, a group of amateur sleuths attempt to track him down.

7. Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich


Told through several survivors and members of his staff, the docuseries examines Jeffrey Epstein and how he used his wealth and power to carry out his crimes.

6. 100 Humans


100 people from diverse backgrounds go through numerous experiments to explore different behaviors and aspects of being human.

5. Unsolved Mysteries


The beloved docuseries gets a Netflix reboot; documenting more stories of disappearances, paranormal encounters, and the unexplained.

4. Explained


Deep dives into subjects like cults, cryptocurrency, and astrology within 15-20 minutes.

3. Formula 1: Drive to Survive


The docuseries takes you behind-the-scenes of the 2018 and 2019 FIA Formula One World Championship and its drivers.

2. Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness


A rivalry between big cat eccentrics, Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin, leads to a murder-for-hire plot in this wild series.

1. The Last Dance


ESPN’s 2020 basketball documentary focuses on Michael Jordan’s legendary career and his farewell season with the Chicago Bulls.

*The “Most Watched Docuseries of 2020 is based on episodes tracked in TV Time from 1/1/20-8/3/20.

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