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Most Watched Shows of Summer 2020

The third and final season of "Dark" was released on June 27th. Netflix

Unfortunately, for many of us, this summer didn’t go as planned… No big vacations, not much relaxing, and most movie theaters were still closed! On the bright side, we had precious television to fill the void. Whether you watched new releases like Season 2 of The Umbrella Academy or The Office for the fifth time, TV got us through. Check out the top 20 shows of summer 2020 below, and see if your favorites made the list!

20. Cable Girls


July 3rd marked the end of Cable Girls with the second half of its fifth and final season.

19. Suits


All nine seasons of Suits on Amazon Prime = Lots of legal drama to get lost in.

18. How to Get Away with Murder


With the final season of HTGAWM available to stream, bingers kept the drama alive!

17. The Vampire Diaries

The CW

The beloved vampire series moved up the ranks during the summer months.

16. Good Girls


The release of Season 3 on Netflix UK brought this series back to our most-watched list.

15. Dynasty

The CW

Fallon Carrington stans rejoiced after Netflix added Season 3 to its roster.

14. The Big Bang Theory


The spring launch of HBO Max led to a summer of bingeing TBBT.

13. 13 Reasons Why


13 Reasons Why wasn’t going to end without one more plot twist. The fourth and final season featured more buried secrets as the group inched towards graduation day.

12. How I Met Your Mother


Diving into this CBS favorite is always a good idea.

11. Naruto Shippuden

TV Tokyo

Naruto Shippuden ascended our show list after a large anime catalog was added to Hulu.

10. Brooklyn Nine-Nine


If Season 8 is delayed until 2021, then 2020 is meant for catching up on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

9. Grey’s Anatomy


With over 300 episodes to watch, it’s no surprise that Grey’s Anatomy made the top 10.

8. The Office


Why go outside on those hot August days when we can rewatch The Office instead?

7. Friends


TV Time users weren’t “on a break” when it came to watching Friends this summer.

6. One Piece

Fuji TV

Anime favorite One Piece saw a resurgence and became a bingeing staple over the past few months.

5. The 100

The CW

Fans clung to Season 7 of The 100 as the series gears up for its final episode at the end of September.

4. Dark

Yet another show we lost! The third and final season of the German thriller dropped on July 27th.

3. Modern Family


Modern Family may have ended in April, but fans weren’t ready to say “goodbye”...

2. The Umbrella Academy

Back and stronger than before! Season 2 of The Umbrella Academy was the perfect summer series.

1. Lucifer


Of course, Lucifer won summer! New episodes of Lucifer have dominated TV Time’s Binge Report for weeks, and Tom Ellis continues to be a fan-favorite. Only time will tell if the Lucifans will keep the series at No. 1 during the fall season… Stay tuned.

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