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Top Brooklyn Nine-Nine Moments


Brooklyn Nine-Nine sure has its moments. The show makes us laugh, makes us cry… and sometimes cry laughing. In honor of Season 8’s premiere, check out the top 10 Brooklyn Nine-Nine moments in TV Time as commented by users around the world! Noice! (Spoiler: It’s A LOT of Jake and Amy. 💕 )

10. “Yippie Kayak” S3E10

Amy kisses Jake after he’s been rescued… for “body heat.”

9. “DFW” S5E17

“Tell me whyyyy.” Jake and the line-up sing Backstreet Boys during one of the show’s best cold opens.

8. “He Said, She Said” S6E8

A sexual assault case brings up Amy's past traumatic experience and Jake is there to support her.

7. “Det. Dave Majors” S2E21

The double tuck! Amy likes Jake! (When Amy really likes a guy, she gets nervous and tucks her hair behind both her ears at the same time.)

6. “The Cruise” S3E13

Jake and Amy say “I love you” for the first time – despite how different they are from each other.

5. “Halloween III” S3E5

Amy becomes the first woman crowned Queen of the 99 after teaching Jake and Captain Holt a lesson during the annual “Halloween Heist.”

4. “Show Me Going” S5E20

Rosa shows up after a scary active shooter situation to see Gina and Amy a mess after attempting to fix the women’s toilet.

3. “Jake & Amy” S5E22

“...There will be no survivors.” After the squad saves Jake and Amy's wedding day from a major threat, the two share their vows, and we all cried.

2. “HalloVeen” S5E4

The fifth annual Halloween Heist ends with a perfect proposal.

1. “Johnny and Dora” S2E23

It only took two seasons... Jake and Amy have their first real kiss (as Jake and Amy, not Johnny and Dora) right after Holt announces he’s leaving the precinct.

*The “Top Brooklyn Nine-Nine Moments” is based on memes created in TV Time.