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What To Watch During The “Lucifer” Drought

Fans can't get enough of that handsome devil! Netflix

Maybe you’ve watched Lucifer Season 4 twenty times. Maybe you’ve even revisited the entire series. As one of the most-tracked Netflix series in 2019, we know that the Lucifans have been busy. However, for those who are finally ready to take a leap and dive into the unknown, there are plenty of great fantasy and supernatural series to discover.

More adventure, secret identities, and romance await! Here are 15 series that TV Time’s Lucifer fans also love.

15. The Magicians

A group of students learn the magic they once considered “childish” is very real and can be extremely dangerous.

14. Black Lightning

A principal and former superhero must return to his life of crime-fighting to better protect his family.

13. Raising Dion

Life as a single parent is hard -- especially when your son starts to show signs of superhuman abilities …

12. Daybreak

Brian Ralph’s graphic novel-turned-TV-series is a doomsday dramedy full of zombies and teenagers, and a good soundtrack to boot.

11. Batwoman

One of the most-anticipated 2019 shows in TV Time! The latest superhero series from The CW brings Bruce Wayne’s cousin, Kate Kane (Ruby Rose), to protect the city of Gotham.

10. The Protector

One day you’re a shopkeep, the next you’re connected to a secret order and must prevent the destruction of your city …. Hakan is tasked with protecting Istanbul, but his duties are challenged once he falls in love.

9. Good Witch

A magical journey with mother-daughter witches! Cassie Nightingale and her daughter, Grace, charm their new neighbors and keep things interesting in their town of Middleton.

8. Charmed (2018)

Nothing beats a sisterly bond and the “power of three” from these Charmed Ones.

7. Wynonna Earp

Wyatt Earp’s great, great, granddaughter, Wynonna, battles demons and supernatural creatures in this girl power horror-western.

6. Legacies

The Vampire Diaries legacy lives on! In this spin-off of The Originals, Hope Mikaelson attends the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted to learn and embrace her supernatural “tribrid” abilities.

5. Krypton

… In case you didn’t know that Superman’s grandfather was also a badass, follow Seg-El as he fights to redeem his family's honor and save the world from chaos.

4. Siren

Legend has it that Bristol Cove was once home to mermaids, but when actual mermaids arrive, sides must be taken between man and mer-people in the small fishing town.

3. A Discovery of Witches

Based on the All Souls trilogy, a witch and a vampire form an unlikely alliance to protect an ancient manuscript at all costs.

2. Roswell, New Mexico

When you find out your teenage crush is actually an alien, it might be worth reconnecting. After a violent attack indicates a greater alien presence on Earth, Liz has no choice but to prevent Max’s identity from being exposed.

1. The Order

Secret societies? Werewolves? Dark humor? “Lucifer likes.”

… Or watch Lucifer again. We understand. 😈

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