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Enter The Diplodirians 1
Voices and Sounds 2
The Hunger Sickness 3
Sunday at France 3 1 Staffeln Beendet
The Diplodos are funny advanced dinosaurs inhabiting the planet Diplou, a twin planet of ours. Each of them has a very special power. One can staple objects like a stapler, the other can tape, a third makes bubbles ... Helped by the two children of the Earth - Jeanne and Pierre, they thwart the evil plans of Santos and his army of Zauradians. Santos tries in vain to free the Great Wizard, an evil being who is a prisoner of the planet Diplo. Unable to directly attack Diplou, a protected planet behind a barrier called Domolux, Santos causes disorder on planet Earth. When a strange phenomenon occurs on Earth, the opposite phenomenon occurs on Diplou. Thus, if it is a stifling sun on Earth, the planet Diplou is ravaged by torrential rains.
  • Feuking Bouc
  • moguaii
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