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Arlene Francis & Skitch Henderson 2
Arlene Francis & Skitch Henderson 3
Daily at NBC 1980 Staffeln Beendet
The original series, broadcast on NBC from 1962-1969 Two teams of three players (consisting of two civilian contestants & one celebrity team captain), competed in this early version which was a game of judgment. Host Rayburn read a question in which the possibilities are endless; plus, they weren't restricted to fill-in-the-blank types. All six players wrote down their answers on their cards and raised their hands to indicate that they were done. Each player revealed their answers one player at a time, and their objective was to match their teammates. For each match the team made, they scored 25 points (10 points early in the run). If no match was made whatsoever, Gene reread the question, and the players rewrote their answers (they can be the same or can be different). The first team to reach 100 points (make four matches (10 early in the run)) won $100 and went on to play the Audience Match.
  • Izayiah Coble
  • SavannaLakin
  • Jen Chovan-Hartmeyer
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