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Wednesday at Comedy Central (US) 4 seasons Still Running
Broad City is a 25 minute comedy starring Abbi Jacobson as Abbi Abrams, Ilana Glazer as Ilana Wexler and Hannibal Buress as Lincoln Rice. The series premiered on Wed Jan 22, 2014 on Comedy Central (US) and Friendiversary (S04E10) last aired on Wed Dec 06, 2017.
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April 2017

When will they release season 4?!? I can't wait anymore !!

February 2016

Things I love about this show:
-Unapologetically honest
-Anyone who has spent time in New York will appreciate it
-Hilarious pop culture references
-Doesn't simply paint millennials as narcissists living off their parents the way a lot of similar shows do these days
-The perfect relationship between two amazing female leads. They aren't picking up the pieces of each other's lives; Ilana and Abbi just make each other's lives more full

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July 2017

Yes to the narcissist millennial comment 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 lol

March 2015

So in love with this show! I want to be Ilana but I know, deep down, I'm Abbie

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March 2014

Really cool show, it's like Girls meets 2 Broke Girls.

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June 2015

At first I didn't know what to think about this show, but I kept watching and it really grew on me. Ilana and Abbi are amazing.

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July 2016

I used to never get why people re-watch TV shows (this is coming from a person who have seen every episode of shows like Game of Thrones, HTGAWM, Breaking Bad, OITNB, Dexter mind you) until I came across this little gem call Broad City, now I understand why.. God I was so naïve! Lol. This show is the only show I can re-watch whitout ever getting tired of it. I love it so Fricking much! It's crazy how much I identify with Ilana although she's a girl but I just get her lol. I liked to think I'm Sex and the City but I'm actually Broad City which I'm good with.

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March 2016

Uma das melhores séries de humor que já assisti. A gente tá acostumado a ver as mulheres como inimigas, competindo, em crise, etc. Aleluia uma série que mostra as mulheres como amigas

One of the best series of humor I've ever seen. We're used to seeing women as enemies, competing in crisis, etc. Hallelujah a series that shows women as friends

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August 2015

This show is a gift, it's so great omg
every single episode is hilarious

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November 2015

Cette série est juste hilarante! J'ai accroché dès les premières minutes! Elle a ce côté trashy qu'on retrouve souvant dans les series britanniques. Elle est complètement dans l'air du temps avec des punchline moderne. J'adhère complètement à l'univers, c'est l'un des séries les plus droles du moment!

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August 2015

One of the best shows that I have ever seen.


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March 2014

The opening sequence from Ep9 "Apartment Hunters" was fantastic.

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June 2016

Uma das melhores do mundo!!! Apaixonada por esta série feminista e que, diferente de muitas, não coloca competição entre as mulheres protagonistas. Mostra um lado da mulher que raramente séries mostram, mostram a mulher como deve ser mostrada. Não exitem em assistir! É uma serie fantástica!

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June 2017

Acabei de achar ela aq vou começar a maratonar agr 🙅👌😉

September 2015

Me identifico tanto com essa série, é uma das mais engraçadas que tem e pelos episódios serem curtinhos é bem gostoso de assistir, virou uma das minhas preferidas, saudades, já quero a terceira temporada logo!

I identify so much with this series, is one of the funniest you have and the episodes being cropped is very enjoyable to watch, has become one of my favorites, miss, since I want the third season soon!

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April 2016

I need more episodes!

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August 2016

Esta serie es tan tan tan buena, es que no decepciona, me suele pasar que las comedias me resultan vacías, y la problemática que me resulta más grande es que todas repiten patrones y clichés. En este caso los personajes son frescos, reales, no son el cliché de amigas con ese sentido de la feminidad tan burdo. Son chicas que te partes de risa porque son auténticas y te identificas, están loquísimas. A parte de que las actrices antes de producir la serie ya eran conocidas humoristas en monólogos y diversos programas de comedia. Son capítulos cortos que se te pasan en un suspiro y solo quieres ver más y más. De hecho, casi os retaría a ver el primer minuto y seguro que os pica la curiosidad y queréis continuar mirándola. Con esa primera es escena ya te haces una idea de lo loco que va a ser todo.

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September 2016

Hay varios tipos de humor, series de humor y después está Broad City. Lo que tiene de especial esta serie es que tienes que ser demasiado #OpenMinded para reírte con las locuras muy Made in NYC de Ilana y Abby. Porque lo que tiene de real, y de absurdo es que a las mujeres les gusta ver porno y masturbarse, van al baño cagan, y aún así por son perfectamente 'normales'

Si tienes tiempo echa un vistazo a la serie Another Period. Creo que también te gustará 😉

September 2016

Menuda joya del Nilo si te identificas con cualquiera de las dos, especialmente con Ilana as Well...

P.D. Yasssss Queeen!!!

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September 2016

Jaja ya te apuesto que la mayoría de gente no considera nada de eso una virtud. #quelesden ;)

July 2015


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July 2016

Favorite comedy on TV right now, this show is 1) so relatable and 2) so quotable! Can't stop saying Yas Queen now... I love Abbi and Ilana in every scene, they're the best!

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January 2015

Holy shit, that was sensational. I've laughed myself to death:


Ilana forcing a threesome on Abbi at the dental office and she was like leave me alone bitch [crawling on the floor]

Tracy Ullman [as a hysterical & batshit crazy RE agent) screaming at the bloody apartment:
“Help! Please call the police! They tied me up! I think they're Filipino! They took my baby!”;

Ilana saying to the kid: “Bitch, you’re 22.”

Holy shit, que was sensational. I've laughed myself to death:


Ilana forcing the threesome on Abbi at the dental office and she was like leave me alone bitch [crawling on the floor]

Tracy Ullman [as a hysterical batshit crazy agent & RE) screaming at the bloody apartment:
"Help! Please call the police! They tied me up! I think they're Filipino! They Took my baby! ";

Ilana saying to the kid, "Bitch, you're 22."

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