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Friday at FOX (US) 3 seasons Ended
Millennium is a 60 minute action-adventure-drama-science-fiction starring Lance Henriksen as Frank Black, Megan Gallagher as Catherine Black and Terry O'Quinn as Peter Watts. The series premiered on Fri Oct 25, 1996 on FOX (US) and Goodbye to All That (2) (S03E22) last aired on Fri May 21, 1999.
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September 2015

A nice followup on x-files. Acctually the two shows crossover at some point I think... Frank Black is great character and Lance plays his part beautifully. Thanx for another lovely show of creepyness

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December 2015

Watching it for the first time, love the super creepy '90s thriller look!

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October 2014

Excellent !! The funny thing is that I've nearly finished to watch Hannibal...and what a coincidence.....Will Graham...? I don't want to say anymore but I recommend this show if you like FBI profilers ....

Excellent !! The funny thing is that I've nearly finished to watch Hannibal...and what a coincidence.....Will Graham...? I don't want to say anymore but I recommend this show if you like FBI profilers ....

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May 2017

I love the idea of an FBI profiler. I use them all the time as examples in my psych classes.

October 2016

Seriado com uma premissa interessante, mas depois (talvez por audiência ou por não saber já de início onde pretendia chegar) ficou mudando o status quo do personagem diversas vezes e incluindo teorias da conspirações com temáticas religiosas e sonolentas. Lance Henriksen dá um show como personagem principal, mas faltou alguém para acompanhar ele...

Serious with an interesting premise, but later (perhaps by audience or not knowing at the beginning where he intended to go) changed the status quo of the character several times and including conspiracy theories with religious themes and sleepy. Lance Henriksen gives a show as the main character, but someone was missing to accompany him ...

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August 2015

Incomprendida, desconocida e infravalorada.

Millennium es sin duda una de las mejores series que he visto.
La serie es del mismo creador de Expediente X, lo cual ya es un motivo de peso para darle una oportunidad.

Uno de los males endémicos de este tipo de series es que los episodios sean independientes. La ausencia del factor telenovela que hace que muchos espectadores se enganchen, provoca que la expectación por la serie disminuya. Pero Millennium pese a tener episodios independientes tiene una trama general de sumo interés.

En mi opinión esta serie iguala e incluso supera en ciertos momentos a la archiconocida Expediente X. Aquella contaba con el aliciente de los famosos Mulder y Scully, y con personajes como el fumador. En Millennium las actuaciones no se quedan atrás y personajes como Lucy Butler, Frank Black, Peter Watts (el famoso Locke en Lost) o Lara means están a la altura.

Millennium va evolucionando progresivamente. La primera temporada es mucho más realista y se limita a plasmar como Frank Black intenta detener a asesinos en serie. Pero la serie evoluciona e introduce un factor sobrenatural que supondrá el trasfondo principal de la serie.
Hay episodios de relleno sí, e incluso episodios malos pero en menor cuantía que en la anterior obra de Chris Carter.

El problema lo supuso una tercera temporada con incorporaciones a la serie que no daban la talla y multitud de episodios malos que únicamente alargaban la serie hasta lo que debería haber sido la temporada final, una temporada que nunca llego por la cancelación.

Pese a ello, Millennium es una gran serie que si hubiese recibido el trato que merecía podría haberse convertido en una obra maestra.

Sumamente recomendable.

Misunderstood, unknown and undervalued.

Millennium is definitely one of the best series I've seen.
The series is the same creator of The X-Files, which is already a compelling reason to give it a try.

One of the endemic problems of this type of series is that the events are independent. The absence of the telenovela factor that makes many viewers hooked, causes the expectation of the number decreases. But despite having independent Millennium has an overall plot episodes of great interest.

In my opinion this number equals or exceeds at certain times to the well-known X-Files That had the lure of Mulder and Scully famous, and with the likes of the smoker. Millennium performances are not far behind and characters like Lucy Butler, Frank Black, Peter Watts (the famous Locke on Lost) or Lara Means fall short.

Millennium is evolving gradually. The first season is much more realistic and simply translate as Frank Black tries to stop serial murderers. But the series evolves and introduces a supernatural factor will be the main background of the series.
Yes no filler episodes, and even bad episodes but less than in the previous work of Chris Carter.

The problem is assumed third season with additions to the series that did not measure up and many bad episodes that only stretched the series to what should have been the final season, a season that never came by the cancellation.

Nevertheless, Millennium is a great series that if he had received the treatment it deserved could have become a masterpiece.

Highly recommended.

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July 2017

Série que lembra muito o Arquivo X. Recomendo, são só 3 temporadas.

Series that reminds me a lot of the X-Files. I recommend it, it's only 3 seasons.

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December 2015

The synopsis tells everything!?

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September 2018

Millennium Tv show is incredible and well advanced compared to other ones launched later on. Main theme of the BSO is outstanding. Do anyone know how to get the BSO ?

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