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Chii Awakens 1
Chii Goes Out 2
Chii Learns 3
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Chobits is a 30 minute animation-comedy-science-fiction starring Rie Tanaka as Chii | Freya, Tomokazu Sugita as Hideki Motosuwa and Kikuko Inoue as Chitose Hibiya. The series premiered on Tue Apr 02, 2002 on Animax and The Person Only For Chii (S01E24) last aired on Tue Sep 24, 2002.
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May 2015

The first anime that made me cry 😫

The first anime que made me cry ?

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November 2014

Je me suis fait toute la collection en mangas ... j'ai adoré !!

I made the entire collection in manga ... I love it !!

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November 2015

Chobits è un anime molto dolce, che a me ha commosso. Chi è un personaggio davvero tenero 😍

Chobits is a very gentle souls, that I was moved. Who is a truly endearing character 😍

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February 2014

J'ai découvert cet animé sur mcm, je dois dire que le scénario est bateau mais je me suis qd même surpris à le regarder jusqu'au bout(sûrement grâce à son humour et faute de mieux à la tv) La VF est insupportable par contre

I found this anime on mcm, I must say that the scenario is boat but I qd even surprised to look through (probably due to its lack of humor and the best tv) The VF is unbearable against

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November 2014

Super animé qui explique bien les sentiments

Super busy explaining the feelings

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August 2016

Titre original : ちょびっツ

Titre alternatif : Chobits

Origine : Manga
Episodes : 26
Diffusion terminée : du 03/04/2002 au 25/09/2002
Saison : Printemps 2002
Thème : Robots
Genres : Comédie - Drame - Romance - Science-fiction - Seinen
Durée par épisode : 24 min

Hideki Motosuwa,un jeune rônin de 18 ans refusé à la grande université de Tokyo, Todai (comme dans Love Hina). Celui-ci décide alors de quitter sa campagne natale.Une fois arrivé à Tokyo, celui-ci découvre la nouvelle mode des Persocons. Ce sont des ordinateurs très sophistiqués sous forme humaine. Hideki aimerait bien s'en procurer un mais ils sont beaucoup trop coûteux. Il se lance donc à la recherche d'un appartement où il passera son année, fera la rencontre de la propriétaire de l'immeuble et d'un étudiant, Shimbo, ainsi que de son Persocon portable Sumono. En rentrant de courses, il voit un Persocon jeté parmi les poubelles (quelle chance !!!!) et la ramène chez lui.

Une fois mise en route Hideki et Shimbo se rendent compte qu'elle n'est pas une persocon ordinaire car elle n'a pas d'OS (système d'exploitation).
Shimbo conseil donc à Hideki d'aller voir Kokubunji Minoru, un jeune crac en informatique, et qui possède beaucoup de persocons.

Là-bas, on découvre que son persocon qui ne sait dire que "Chii" est peut être une Chobits,une édition spéciale de persocons qui peuvent ressentir des sentiments. Il apprend que Chii (le nom qui lui donne) posséde un soft d'apprentissage et qu'il va pouvoir tout de même l'éduquer.

Le manga Chobits se compose de 8 tomes.
La série animée est composée de 26 épisodes plus un épisode "résumé".
La trame de l'anime est légèrement différente de celle du manga original, tout en gardant pourtant l'intrigue principale.

Original title: ち ょ び っ ツ

Alternative title: Chobits

Origin: Manga
Episodes: 26
broadcast ends: 03/04/2002 to 25/09/2002
Season: Spring 2002
Theme: Robots
Genres: Comedy - Drama - Romance - Science-fiction - Seinen
Length per episode: 24 min

Hideki Motosuwa, a young ronin 18 years refused to the great Tokyo University, Todai (like Love Hina). The latter then decides to leave his campaign natale.Une Once in Tokyo, it discovered new fashion Persocons. These are very sophisticated computers in human form. Hideki would love to get one but they are far too expensive. So start looking for an apartment, where he spent his year, will meet the owner of the building and a student, Shimbo and his mobile Persocon Sumono. Returning races, he sees a Persocon cast among the garbage (lucky !!!!) and brings her home.

Once in Hideki Shimbo road and realize that it is not an ordinary Persocon because it has no OS (operating system).
Shimbo Board therefore Hideki to see Minoru Kokubunji, a young crack computer, and has many Persocons.

There, one discovers that his Persocon who can say "Chii" may be a Chobits, a special edition of Persocons who may experience feelings. He learns that Chii (the name gives it) has a soft learning and it will still be able to educate.

The Chobits manga consists of 8 volumes.
The animated series has 26 episodes plus an episode "summary".
The plot of the anime is slightly different from the original manga, while yet keeping the main plot.

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May 2015

Très émouvant !!! et quel plaisir de retrouver chi et sumomo dans stubasa reservoir chronicle ❤️

Very moving !!! and what a pleasure to find chi and sumomo in stubasa reservoir chronicle ??

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April 2016

Such a cute anime! I really couldn't stop until I finished it. The characters and story are just wonderful!

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December 2016

I don't know what this anime was supposed to be, but i tought it was pretty bad. It could have been really insteresting if they had explored the whole thing about feelings, consciousness etc. Instead it was just an ecchi, with all the insteresting stuff crammed into the last few episodes.
Anyway, it's not necessarily bad, it just wasn't what I was expecting. You might enjoy it if you're looking for an ecchi :)

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January 2017

Ça va faire un bon moment que j'ai vu l'anime. X) Je me souviens que ça m'avait un peu ému. '3'

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April 2017

J'adore Chii ☺️😊
On s'attache grave a elle et les musiques sont top 👍🏻

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Let yourself be inspired!
My nickname on this website is YOROKONDE, one of the most used words in this serie, so.. What else can I say to make you understand how much I loved it and how much it can change you too? Let the caracters teach you something episode by episode, you won't be disappointed! A really simple love story, rude and tender at the same time with some pretty uncommon characters. You will be stuck in front of your screen, scene by scene, [...]
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August 2015

I don't like it , it's so bad for me ✌🏼

But some people love it

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October 2015

No me gustó, bastante aburrida. Aunque si era morbosa

I did not like, pretty boring. Although if it was morbid

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May 2016

Passer un bon moment en regardant un anime beau et plein d'émotion... ça tue

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December 2016

Primeiro shoujo que assisti 💜 sempre vou amar 💕💕

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April 2017

A good anime that continues on world building from the series Angelic Layer. The question of "Does this unit have a soul?" is prevalent through the entire series. While there are some differences from the manga the key elements of the story stay the same. The additions of new scenes don't distract from the story at hand.

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July 2017

ero sito! UAHUAUHAUAUHAUHAUHUHAUHUAHU nunca vou me esquecer

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