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Give Me a Ring Sometime 1
Sam's Women 2
The Tortelli Tort 3
at NBC 11 seasons Ended
Cheers is a 25 minute comedy starring Ted Danson as Sam Malone, George Wendt as Norm Peterson and Woody Harrelson as Woody Boyd. The series premiered on Thu Sep 30, 1982 on NBC and One for the Road (3) (S11E28) last aired on Thu May 20, 1993.
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March 2015

I think more people should watch this show because the characters, the story, everything about... it's unique. I love all the characters, the ships, the friendship, how incredible they are.

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August 2015

Most underrated show ever 💔

My absolute favorite

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September 2016

I wouldnt call this underrated, it was ratings monster and currently one of most well known 80s comedy with The Golden Girls.

July 2015

One of a kind classic show which helped set the tone for all future shows! I started the marathon session a couple weeks ago and have reached season 7! we can see where the idea for shows like Friends came from! a must watch for all!!

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October 2015

I love this show. One of the best sitcoms ever. Highly recommended

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July 2016

I just finished season one and am already completely in love with this show. It's one of the funniest shows I have ever watched and it's already become a huge favorite and I still have 10 seasons to go!
The characters are so unique, funny and overall wonderful, you can't help but love all of them! And it is impossible to not fall in love with Sam and Diane and their dynamic right from the start. Can't wait to watch more!

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July 2016

" Making ur way in the world today takes everything u got. Taking a break from all ur worries sure would help a lot 🎧💕 "

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May 2013

I watched this show I was younger.

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January 2015

I was not allowed to watch this as a kid. As an adult I love it.

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July 2015

completely agree!! I was too young then to watch it. discovered on a business trip on a plane. then processed to watch it all!!!

March 2015

a must watch. awesome show.

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October 2016

I heard there was a petition online to rename Cheers to Frasier: Origins. 😂😂😂😂😂

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February 2016

Assolutamente da recuperare...insieme a seinfeld tra le migliori sitcom degli anni 80/90

Absolutely to recover ... along with the best sitcom Seinfeld between the years 80/90

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April 2017

I really like this show. I love every character on this show. Its a really unique sitcom!!!

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December 2016

Sí, lo confieso, yo también era un habitual de este bar de Boston, como el cartero y Normmmmmm 😊😂

Yes, I confess, I was also a regular at this bar in Boston, as the postman and Normmmmmm 😊😂

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June 2017

: نبذه

تدور الاحداث في بار يملكه سام ( تيد دانسن ) الرياضي السابق ويعمل معه ساقي و نادله

و يعتبر البار بالنسبه للرواد هو المكان الملائم لهم بعد يوم متعب في اعمالهم و المتنفس الوحيد

ولا تخلو الاحداث يوميا من المواقف الطريفه والمضحكه بين العاملين بالبار و الاشخاص الذين

يرتادونه , دعونا نتعرف على سام مالون و اصدقاءه في هذا العمل الطريف.

* العمل يلائم لمن هم فوق ال15

: Brief

The events take place in a bar owned by Sam (Ted Danson), a former athlete, with his legs and a waiter

The bar is considered the right place for the pioneers after a busy day in their work and the only outlet

The events are not without daily situations of ridiculous and ridiculous between the workers bar and people who

Come on, let's get to know Sam Malone and his friends in this funny business.

* The work is suitable for those above the 15

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July 2017

I absolutely love this show. My first encounters with it usually meant that it was past my bedtime. Throughout my life I watched reruns and now am starting from season 1 episode 1 working my way through the whole series.

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