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Millennium Approaches - Bad News 1
Millennium Approaches - In Vitro 2
Millennium Approaches - The Messenger 3
at HBO 1 seasons Ended
New York City, 1985. Prior Walter announces to his boyfriend Louis Ironson that he has been diagnosed with AIDS. Unable to cope with this, Louis leaves. This abandonment leaves Prior shattered. At the same time, Roy Cohn, a powerful lawyer and a right-wing political conservative is diagnosed with AIDS but demands that his doctor say that he has liver cancer as he does not want his homosexuality known in the circles he moves in. Cohn grooms his assistant, the milquetoast Mormon lawyer Joe Pitt, to go to Washington in order to protect him from a disbarment trial. At the same time Joe's wife Harper has become deeply unhappy and addicted to valium over the fact that Joe does not seem to want her sexually. Joe finally comes out and admits that he is fighting homosexual desires. When he calls to tell his mother that he is gay, she sells up everything she has in Salt Lake City and rushes to New York to help, but Joe has vanished - in fact has met and taken up with Louis. As he becomes increasingly more ill, Prior receives visitations from a female angel who has sex with him and then implants a holy book inside his body, telling him that he is a prophet and must sound the warning that human progress be stopped. And as Cohn falls ill in hospital, the ghost of the Communist spy Ethel Rosenberg, whom he helped convict and execute, comes to gloat at his nearing death.
  • L'ours Grognon Furtado
  • Mytik Shady
  • Ringenbach
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April 2014

What with this rating? This show was awesome! One of the most beautiful things I saw on television!

1 replies
May 2016

I agree. The show is great 👍

January 2015

Fantastic show. Great adaptation for TV. I had the chance to see Angles in America on stage and I fell in love with the play. The tv show didn't disappoint me at all

Fantastic show. Great for TV adaptation. I Had the opportunity to see Angles in America on stage and I fell in love with the play. The tv show About did not disappoint me at all

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2 replies
January 2015

i have for a long time and it's still brand new, but i will watch it, the story didn't get to me, but if only for the cast, i know i will take a look (and your comments kinda help)

i have for a long time and it's still brand new, purpose i will watch it, the Story About did not get to me, if only for the purpose cast, i know i will take a look (and your comments kinda help)

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January 2015

Glad I could be of some help in your choice ;-)

Glad I Could Be of some help in your choice;-)

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January 2013

Magnifique mini série. A voir absolument rien que pour le casting.

Beautiful mini series. A must see just for the cast.

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0 reply
February 2015

I watched this show for the first time several years ago. I then saw it again and again after recommending it to family and friends. It's beautiful, humorous, sad, exciting, and the directing and acting is so enjoyable and well executed that you can watch it all again without getting tired of it. You see something new every time. Anyone who doesn't like this mini-series is either a homophobic or a sociopath without the ability to get emotional.

0 reply
March 2017

One of the greatest miniseries I have seen in my life, Definitely a masterpiece.

0 reply
February 2016

I love this show so very much!! It is thoughtfull and funny, heartbreaking and delitefull

0 reply
August 2015

Increíble miniserie, no hay adjetivos para describir tan maravillosa experiencia. Unas interpretaciones magníficas, bajo una gran dirección de Mike Nichols. Sin ninguna duda, merecedora de los numerosos premios que obtuvo. Quizá el fallo fue que Mike Nichols la hiciera miniserie en vez de película, ya que si hubiese sido así, hubiera arrasado en los Óscar y se convertiría en una de las mejores películas de la historia. Sobre las interpretaciones ¿qué voy a decir?: Meryl Streep (increíble, hace la mejor interpretación de su carrera como Hannah, Ethel y, sobretodo, haciendo de rabino... ESPECTACULAR), Al Pacino (retrata maravillosamente a un enfermo de Sida), Jeffrey Wright (junto a Meryl, los dos hacen los mejores trabajos dentro de la miniserie... resumiendo, es perfecto), Mary Louise-Parker (muy bien trabajo, gran merecedora del Emmy y el Globo de Oro), Justin Kirk (hace muy buen trabajo), Emma Thomposon (en una sola palabra, G-E-N-I-A-L) y Patric Wilson y Ben Shenkman (hace buenos trabajos, pero están por debajo de sus compañeros). Si teneis oportunidad, ¡vedla! ¡Os sorprenderá!

Incredible miniseries, no adjectives to describe such a wonderful experience. A great performances, great direction under Mike Nichols. Without a doubt, worthy of the numerous awards it won. Perhaps the fault was that Mike Nichols did miniseries instead of film, as if it had been, had swept the Oscars and become one of the best movies ever. Interpretations on what I say ?: Meryl Streep (amazing, makes the best performance of his career as Hannah, Ethel and, above all, making rabbi ... spectacular), Al Pacino (wonderfully portrayed with AIDS) Jeffrey Wright (with Meryl, the two make the best work in the miniseries ... in short, it's perfect), Mary-Louise Parker (great job, great worthy of the Emmy and Golden Globe), Justin Kirk ( does a great job), Emma Thomposon (in a word, great) and Patrick Wilson and Ben Shenkman (does good work, but are below their peers). If you have opportunity, Vedla! You will be surprised!

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0 reply
last month

Fantastic mini series with great dialogue and legendary acting, all taking place in a timless depiction of New York City. I higly recommend it.

0 reply
December 2015

5* - Sorprendente, realista y a la vez metafórica. Los diálogos profundos. Las interpretaciones sublimes. Muy buena miniserie.

0 reply
December 2016

Konusu ve zengin ünlü oyuncu kadrosuyla ve konusuyla eşsiz bir diziydi.

0 reply
April 2017

Possibly my favorite miniseries ever filmed. Exquisite acting, writing, directing! I only wish more people would watch this! It's so powerful.

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