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The Tokyo Witch 1
Inside the 'Black Smog' 2
People With a Steel Frame 3
Sunday at Tokyo MX 2 temporadas Terminada
In the year Apotheosis 41 (AD 1962), Earth is currently home to superhumans and paranormal phenomena of all kinds, from aliens and magical girls to ghosts and transforming robots. However, official knowledge of these beings is officially kept under wraps by the governments of the world. The Japanese government has quietly set up the "Super Population Research Laboratory", a.k.a. the "Superhuman Bureau", to keep track of all superhuman beings in the country and eliminate them if they pose a threat to humanity. In the present, Bureau member Jiro Hitoyoshi finds himself recruiting new superhumans for the Bureau in the course of his job. However, five years later in Apotheosis 46, Jiro turns into a vigilante on the run from the Bureau while the rest of its members deal with the consequences of their earlier actions.
  • TeamChitoge
  • Luisa Tangza
  • Yuri Salles
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