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第1集 1
淚水後的嘻哈樂 2
美女と爆弾と遊園地 3
Sunday at Nippon TV 1 temporadas Terminada
A lousy detective and his uber-genius assistant solve one impossibly-difficult case after another! Cases that seemed unrelated turn out to be connected and reveal a shocking truth. Named after the Greek goddess who crushes evil with the iron mallet of justice, “Nemesis” is the ultimate mystery entertainment! Itself full of enigmas, Nemesis Detective Agency employs Anna, the reckless genius with a knack for figuring things out, and Kazama, the self-proclaimed genius detective who is actually quite incompetent but enjoys popularity among his peers. Helping each other out (mostly Anna picking up the slack), they take on complicated cases. Enjoy the hilarious interactions of this buddy detective duo of unequal abilities and their quest to solve incredibly perplexing mysteries!
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