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その壱 絶対は絶対にない 1
天底下絕對沒有絕對 1
その弐 勝つと思えば勝つ 2
Sunday at YTV (JP) 1 temporadas Terminada
A history buff mad scientist cloned warlords of Japanese civil war period out of his curiosity and released them to the world. And 15 years later... The cloned warlords grew up as highschoolers gathered in Ginnan High School. To be the ruler of the school, they were expected to be fighting each other with bloodshed... However. Without being noticed, the student who is very unlike the warlord known in the history has been keeping the peace and order of the school.
  • Luisa Tangza
  • 👓📖👑Gem2089👑📖👓
  • gabrielle
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