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at Asahi Broadcasting Corporation 1 temporadas Aún transmitida
A small theatre troupe, "ENGINE," has its rehearsal hall in a dirty building near Tsutenkaku Tower, in Osaka. The young members of the troupe, including their lead actress Yamaguchi Mai, are working hard on their rehearsals, even skipping their sleep as the Tokyo performance is just around the corner. The piece they are working on this time is "DICE," the troupe's most famous work. It is a deeply memorable work for the troupe, which was first performed 10 years ago and will make its first performance in Tokyo soon. Mai discovers a VHS videotape labelled "DICE" in the company's archives, it contained rehearsal footage of the first performance 10 years ago... As soon as Mai and her friends see the videotape, strange and inexplicable phenomena begin to occur around them...
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