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詐欺師を騙す詐欺師-涙の激闘、開幕! 1
사기꾼을 속이는 사기꾼 - 눈물의 격투, 개막! 1
欺騙詐欺師的詐欺師-神鬼交鋒揭開序幕 1
Friday at TBS 1 temporadas Aún transmitida
The stage is set in Japan in the year 2022. In a time where fraud is an imminent threat, societal issues give rise to a slew of elaborate scams. Kurosaki is a man who lost his family to a “white swindler,” which is a professional swindler who scams people out of their money. In order to exact revenge, Kurosaki becomes a “black swindler,” a swindler who tricks other swindlers. He swears to scam every white swindler in the world and takes on foe after foe, but can he find his ultimate enemy who robbed him of his family? This riveting revenge drama exposes the very emotions that scams exploit.
  • fahda
  • 👓📖👑Gem2089👑📖👓
  • 吳信慕
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