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at ABC (US) 12 temporadas Terminada
Serie de acción sobre la tortuosa vida profesional y sentimental de unos policías.
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September 2014

une des première serie policière americaine qui est très réaliste. à voir absolument.

uno de la primera serie policial estadounidense que es muy realista. hay que ver.

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October 2014

Good series. They all look so young compared to now, except for David Caruso. He still looks like a kid now in CSI: Miami.

Buena serie. Todos ellos se ven tan joven en comparación con ahora, a excepción de David Caruso. Él todavía se ve como un niño ahora en CSI: Miami.

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July 2017

Je regardais toutes les semaines cette série qui au premier abord ne payer pas de mine mais je suis vite devenue accro avec un grand réalisme et un attachement de tous les personnages
Je conseille aux fans de policiers 👍

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October 2017

Bonjour moi aussi je suis accro à nypd blue je suis à la 2e saison sur polar + et que je recopie sur mon lecteur enregistreur je ne sait pas par contre si polar + diffusera les 12 saisons car sur amazon il n'y a que 2 saisons en vostf?.

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November 2018

La série est désormais dispo dans une copie entièrement remasterisé au format large 16/9 et en HD. L’image n’est pas zoomé. Un nouveau cadre a était effectué à partir de la pellicule Super 35 originale. Le rendu est splendide avec une texture et des couleurs jamais vu. A voir en ce moment sur myCANAL.

April 2018

If you love groundbreaking series and are very picky about crime series than I suggest you forget the fact this series came out in 1993. I realize many people weren't born yet (this makes me depressed) but the very first season alone stands up there with ALL THE BEST CRIME SERIES MADE!!!! Its insanely groundbreaking and you can even say this series is a inspiration for so many shows to follow; whether it be events, themes, situations and partner relationships. The first 15 min you will not look at your phone. You'll probably think to yourself "did he just let Ross from friends say he can walk around with a non-registered gun in New York?" (That's where I live and the thought of this is insanely comical today). Or the brilliant ugly, fat, bald headed detective that just talked to a woman like a bigot sexist where today a woman would protest the series in the name of feminism. It's so raw and real---so honest and gritty! It was the wire before the wire, no doubt.

If you dont like the Michael Mann camera operating style it may not be for you BUT that's why I love it even more. If you watch this years The Oath from Crackle, you'll see on how not to shoot a series. NYPD does the shooting while in motion just right...not like the shield just yet (its 1993) but good enough for you to settle in for a binge fest.

I am of thought of if the series kept the rugged feel and look of the pilot WELL THEN type so based on that enjoy the beginnings of this groundbreaking series that defined police drama. Sure Hills Street Blues was awesome but it was missing this. This is incredible and groundbreaking and you'll notice a few things too. So many legendary directors and writers were born on this series. The two creators are also legends themselves. My point, if you love groundbreaking series and haven't watched this series you're missing out on the very one that gave birth to the movement in the 90's. Even in 1993 the alcoholic detective troupe is done like I've never seen on TV in 2018. Like music, the best TV and movies dont age! I promise you after the pilot you'll be shocked it aired on network TV and not on cable! MUST WATCH HISTORIC VALUE

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July 2018

I would agree that this show simply has not aged in its ability to entertain. Some themes feel more relevant to the 90s than now, but then sometimes they feel just as relevant. The acting is phenominal, as they were made to ad lib... I'm a '96 baby who just last year found out about this show through my parents watching it on Audience. I finally started binging it on Prime Video. But I agree that whether you're 18 or 70, you can find something in this show.

January 2018

Voir Dire This.....thank God...they are returning to the classics

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June 2018

It is finally streaming again in it's entirety on Hulu !

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August 2017

Une grande série qui a repoussé la censure et a apporté beaucoup au série télé a voir absolument

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