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Welcome to The Chevy Chase Show guide at TV Tome. Remember the Edsel? Back in the mid-1950s, Ford Motor Co. spent millions of dollars developing and producing its new upper mid-level series of cars, only for the whole thing to woefully flop and forcing Ford to discontinue the marque just two years after Edsel's late 1957 introduction. A similar statement could be made about The Chevy Chase Show, FOX's latest attempt (to date) to compete in the late-night talk show arena that was dominated by Jay Leno and David Letterman. FOX reportedly spent $3 million to develop the talk show starring Chevy Chase, the actor best known for the National Lampoon series of movies and being part of the original comedy cast of Saturday Night Live. The network was so confident in the show's success it renamed the theater where the show was taped "The Chevy Chase Theater." But the show's premiere, on Sept. 7, 1993, was painfully bad, to put it mildly. Chase's monologue fell flat and the sk
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