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Pilot 1
Blind Man's Bluff 2
The Date From Hell-Nado 3
Tuesday at NBC 1 stagioni Finita
Mel Fisher is no stranger to overcoming hardships -- he has never let blindness hold him back -- so when he and wife Joyce divorce, family members rally and use the transition as an opportunity to learn more about themselves and grow closer. Joyce takes the freedom of the split as a chance to revisit her youth, constantly borrowing clothes from her teenage daughter, Katie, and joining her on trips to the mall. For 11-year-old Henry (whose adult self narrates the story), the upheaval is marked by the arrival of his father's new guide dog, Elvis.
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October 2014

This is a good TV show sad that it didn't pick up for 2nd season though, it may not be funny at the start yet that certain comedy starts to grow on you

Nbc never gives a chance to a show which has a medium fan base

Questo è un buon show televisivo triste che non prendere per il 2 ° stagione, però, non può essere divertente all'inizio ma che certo la commedia comincia a crescere su di voi

Nbc non dà la possibilità di uno spettacolo che ha una base medio ventilatore

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0 risposte
February 2014

Looks like fun. I love Jenna Elfman and I absolutely love the dog :)

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November 2015

NBC please, this show was great. What is wrong with you people?

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April 2014

Love this show and everyone in them!!! Hope it has lots of seasons!

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April 2014

would love to this one stick around. the entire show is just fun.

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May 2014

Please, don't cancel this, NBC. Please?

Sadly not a lot of people watch this show, but it's a gem with a lot of heart that features well-written and well-acted characters.

If this doesn't get renewed, I at least hope people look this up on Netflix or wherever and this gains the cult following it deserves--like Arrested Development and Firefly did. Or better yet, I hope Netflix purchases this and produces more episodes like they did Arrested Development.

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May 2014

Crisis, Believe et Growing Up Fisher ne bénéficieront donc pas d'une deuxième saison

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July 2016

A showto watch! So nice!!
I'm Sad it has been cancelled!

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October 2018

Eu gostei de assistir pena q só teve uma temporada achei bem engraçadinha e fofa.

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