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The Deal 1
A Nephew From Hell 2
Yuli's Party 3
at Kan Kids 1 stagioni Ancora in corso
Yoni Rubin, desperate to advance his teaching career makes a deal with the devil: Yoni will help The Devil’s son Bentzifer pass the finals, and in exchange the devil will make Yoni become principal of the school. To ward off suspicion from the surrounding, Yoni and Bentz move in together and pretend Yoni being Bentz’ uncle. Bentz must realize that being the son of the Prince of Darkness doesn’t help him much on Earth. So, he befriends the freaks and rejects at school. And Yoni must realize that a teenager with superpowers is a sure way to get into supernatural trouble. They must find a way of working together so Bentz can pass his exams and Yoni can become principal.
  • mottywein
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