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The 15 Most-Binged CW Shows

TV Time users can't get enough of these juicy telenovelas and action series. The CW

We’re in the midst of The CW’s premiere week, and all our favorite shows (and some new ones) are back with brand new episodes. It’s a great week if you’re a fan of gorgeous actors wearing gorgeous costumes in super drama-filled environments and if you haven’t watched the new episodes yet, clear your schedule for the weekend!

But, the new CW shows aren’t the only ones we’re constantly watching and rewatching. The CW has given us so many shows that are ripe for repeat viewings because we love the characters and their stories so much, from start to finish — and they take us to all sorts of locations, like sleepy New England towns, cities full of crime and villains, and even decades ago. So if you’re looking to watch a CW show, and maybe one that’s not even on the air anymore, here are the 15 most binged series from The CW. 

15. One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill is maybe the first time you fell in love with Chad Michael Murray, and that’s perfectly fine. CMM’s Lucas must reconnect with his half-brother Nathan both on and off the basketball court. Their sibling relationship is just as complicated as their romantic relationship, making for perfect binging (that ends on a very feel-good note).

14. Reign

Who knew that the kings and queens of yesteryear had so much drama? Reign is a very fictionalized take on Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots and her rise to power in Europe. If history might not be your thing, at least watch for the incredibly period costumes which will make you want to be a part of royalty, too.

13. iZombie

iZombie is the first zombie show that showed us zombies could be...nice? Our zombie hero Liv isn’t trying to eat the flesh of others (however she does do that on occasion), but rather stop the zombie outbreak, reconnect with her ex-fiancé, and also not draw suspicion to the fact that she’s undead.

12. DC's Legends of Tomorrow

What about if a handful of supporting characters from the Arrowverse all banded together in one show and traveled through time in order to save the world? That’s exactly what Legends of Tomorrow is all about, with a rotating cast of familiar faces that find themselves in wild time periods just trying to do what’s right.

11. Dynasty

A remake of the 1980's show, if you’re looking for a dysfunctional family look no further than the Carringtons. They’re all eager to make it to the top because that’s where all the money is. Everyone has some sort of agenda, whether secret or not, and the Carrington kids will do whatever they need to do to prove their worthy of the family inheritance (so yes, there's lots of backstabbing!).

10. Gilmore Girls

Watching an episode of Gilmore Girls is like hanging out with your best friends, who just happen to be Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. The series isn’t just a show, it’s a way of life. It’s also got one of the biggest unanswered questions in television history: Dean, Jesse, or Logan? There’s only one right answer. 😜

9. The Vampire Diaries

Aside from superheroes, there aren’t too many shows that can launch a bunch of spin-offs — but The Vampire Diaries did just that. The lives of vampires, witches, werewolves, and all creatures in-between span far beyond just Mystic Falls and as long as more Vampire Diaries-like shows keep coming, we’ll keep watching. 

8. The Flash

You’d think the fastest man alive could fix any problem but think again. Out of all the Arrowverse shows, The Flash is the one with the most heart as Barry Allen struggles with the loss of his mom and the fact that his dad is now in prison because of it. With a whip-smart supporting cast from here to the Speed Force.

7. Arrow

The Arrowverse had to start somewhere, and obviously it started here with Arrow. The CW’s gritty take on some of DC’s most beloved characters made us see them in a brand new light — even if the lighting was really dark (Starling City needs to turn on more lights!). Even though Arrow is drawing to a close this season, its legacy will continue to live on in the shows that come after it.

6. Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl ushered in a brand new era of teen television, with its sleek look, incredible clothes, and characters you either wanted to be or be friends with. It launched the career of so many of its young stars, it continues to be a staple on our re-binging queue.

5. Riverdale

While the series is based on Archie Comics, these aren’t the Archie Comics you remember. Riverdale is undoubtedly the juiciest show on television, and also sometimes completely bonkers (remember when Archie was attacked by a bear?). But that’s half the fun of watching because you never know what crazy situation these kids are going to get into next.

4. Supergirl

Kara Danvers is just your regular working girl who also happens to be able to fly. As the cousin of Superman himself, she’s just trying to get through each and every day at her office job, while also protecting National City. Kara is a perfect example of yes, you can do it all.

3. Supernatural

Supernatural is now 15 seasons strong, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Sam and Dean Winchester’s adventures have made us laugh, cry, and keep coming back for more. Now as the two enter the final stretch, it’s time to start thinking (and worrying) about the end of Supernatural.

2. The 100

How would you deal if you grew up in space and then suddenly found yourself on earth leading a whole new group of inhabitants? That’s the situation Clarke, Bellamy, and Octavia find themselves in as they become a group of “100” sent down to earth to figure out if it’s safe or not. Spoiler alert: It’s not completely safe. No one knows what kind of danger is lurking around the corner.

1. Jane the Virgin

The show could have quickly gone too over the top, but actually, that was the point. Jane the Virgin was supposed to be a telenovela with all sorts of mistaken identities, ridiculous villains, a deep and intense love triangle, and a little bit of magic. In the end, we’re just so happy Jane got her happy ending. 

*"The 15 Most-Binged CW Shows" is based on the number of binge sessions in TV Time. A binge session is when four or more episodes of a show are watched and tracked in our TV Time app within a given day.

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