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ANTICIPATION REPORT: October TV Is No Tricks, All Treats

Are you ready for another great month of television? Hulu/The CW/HBO/USA

October is quickly approaching and fall TV is in full swing! The upcoming month brings an abundance of exciting new series starting with Batwoman (No. 1) on the 6th. The latest superhero drama from The CW takes us to Gotham three years following billionaire philanthropist Bruce Wayne’s a.k.a. Batman’s disappearance. His cousin, Kate Kane (Ruby Rose), must overcome her demons to seek justice and protect the citizens of Gotham City. The CW continues to deliver fresh content with mystery series, Nancy Drew (No. 3). In this dark twist on the original book series, Nancy’s college plans are put on hold when she and her friends witness a murder and Nancy finds herself involved in a supernatural mystery case.

Next, the long-awaited series premiere of Watchmen (No. 2) hits HBO on the 20th. Although the action series will not be a direct adaptation of the original graphic novel, the show plans to break new ground with a different story. Set in an alternate reality in the U.S., several superheroes who are treated as outlaws due to violent behavior come together to start a revolution while others try to stop it.

If drama is what you’re looking for, try Hulu’s forthcoming limited series, Looking for Alaska (No. 4). Based on John Green’s 2005 novel, the story follows Miles “Pudge” Halter as he enrolls into boarding school in an attempt to escape his mundane lifestyle. However, after an unexpected tragedy strikes, he and his new circle of friends must attempt to make sense of what happened while learning some important lessons in the process. All eight episodes will be released on October 18th.

Our fifth and final new series also brings the drama! In FOX’s Almost Family (No. 5), a woman who grew up as an only child has her life turned upside down after discovering that her dad fathered at least 100 other children throughout his career as a fertility doctor. Julia (Brittany Snow) tracks down and unites with two of her half-siblings as they begin to embrace their new reality and welcome a rapidly expanding family.

Netflix paves the way in our returning category; holding three out of the top five slots starting with Insatiable (No. 1) on October 11th. The black dramedy, which caused quite the controversy and gained a cult following after Season 1’s release, is expected to find Patty Bladell with a lot on her plate. Haunted by her past, her struggle to be “good” becomes harder and harder as she battles inner demons, covers up a murder, and continues to follow her pageant dreams. One week later, another controversial series makes its return to Netflix. Season 2 of Italian drama, Baby (No. 3), arrives on the 18th with “new characters, tough decisions, and fresh secrets.” The first season followed Luco and Chiara as they delved deeper into the world of sex work and escorts while Season 2 will explore the consequences of their choices as the pair realize their secret life is no longer a game.

Our last Netflix offering is the third season of animated pubescent comedy, Big Mouth (No. 4). On October 4th, the NSFW series will focus on what it’s like to go through puberty today covering topics such as: toxic masculinity, objectification of women, and the vast spectrum of sexuality. Season 3 also brings new additions to the cast including Thandie Newton, Ali Wong, and a special appearance from Queer Eyes Fab Five!

Outside of streaming, Christmastime comes early with the fourth and final season of USA’s Mr. Robot (No. 2). Set during Christmas 2015, Elliot and his alter ego, Mr. Robot, will pick up where the third season finale left off -- delving into the pros and cons of hitting “send” on the email that could reverse 5/9. Fans of the techno-thriller are guaranteed a bloody and epic end, which will bring the whole gang back together for whatever dangers that may lie ahead.

Lastly, The CW reappears on our list for Season 4 of Riverdale (No. 5). Prior to the debut of Nancy Drew, the kids of Riverdale will get the mysteries started as they handle their senior year of high school, track down last season’s cult, “The Farm,” and answer a major Season 3 cliffhanger that begs the question: “Where’s Jughead?” The series will also deal with the death of Fred Andrews (Luke Perry), and Archie’s impending emotional journey.

Good TV carries into November with new seasons of The Crown, Ray Donovan, and Shameless and new series: Dollface, The Mandalorian, and His Dark Materials. What will make next month’s Anticipation Report? All will be revealed on October 30th!

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