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Most Watched Series of Winter 2019-2020

"You" Season 2 was crazy good time. Netflix

What a season, huh? We survived Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day … and we’re on our way to conquering this “social distancing” thing (fingers crossed)! Thankfully, we’ve had shows new and old to help us escape, or feel less lonely, over the past few months. From the debut of exciting fantasy series like The Witcher and Locke & Key to classic comedies that we never tire of, check out the top 20 most-watched series of winter!

20. Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin closed with “Chapter 100” last summer, but that hasn’t stopped fans from rewatching!

19. The Flash

Our second “most-watched Arrowverse series” moved up the ranks during its 6th season.

18. The Office 

The Office was a perfect comedy to watch on a winter’s night.

17. Locke & Key

Following its February debut, this Netflix fantasy series was the talk of the town (or in TV Time)!

16. The Big Bang Theory

With twelve seasons to revisit, TBBT never ceased as a TV staple during the winter months.

15. How I Met Your Mother

“Nothing good ever happens after 2 a.m” … Unless you’re up late bingeing How I Met Your Mother.

14. Lucifer

Did this series make a deal with the devil? 😈 Season 4 of Lucifer was released last spring, and the show continued to thrive through winter!

13. My Hero Academia

The only animated series to make the cut! The fourth season of the anime series took on arcs from its original manga including: Shei Hassaikai, Remedial Course, and the U.A. School Festival.

12. The Good Place

Holy shirt! Can you believe The Good Place ended almost two months ago? The series finale aired on January 30th, and we still haven’t recovered.

11. Elite

The addicting Spanish thriller returned on March 13th with more mystery and murder; immediately going to No. 1 on our Binge report.

10. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Part 3 brought a battle between witches and pagans as well as Sabrina’s new title as “Queen of Hell,” ultimately making her February’s “Queen of Top Characters” in TV Time.

9. Vikings

The sixth and final season of Vikings premiered in December (with the second half airing in January). Luckily, there’s a Netflix sequel series on the way!

8. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Our favorite precinct finally returned with its seventh season in February!

7. Friends

No matter what the season is, they’ll be there for you …

6. Grey’s Anatomy

With sixteen seasons to binge, the doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital took care of TV Time users when they needed to cozy up with a good drama.

4. Riverdale

The CW series won in its fourth season as fans waited to receive an answer to the question: Is Jughead really dead?

3. The Witcher

The long-awaited fantasy series arrived on Netflix in December; pushing “Geralt of Rivia” and “Yennefer of Vengerberg” (and Henry Cavill’s wig) into our top characters list.

2. Sex Education

The TV Time breakout hit of 2019 returned stronger than before with its second season on January 17th.

1. You

You Season 2 was the late Christmas gift that kept on giving! We had our eyes on this thriller as it held placement on our Binge Report for several weeks, and its star, Penn Badgley, continued to trend through January! 

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