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Top Characters of 2019

Not sure if you've heard, but "Lucifer" is a pretty big deal around here... Netflix

From lovable geeks to mysterious misfits, from boss bitches to boss witches … 2019 continued to bring an abundance of exciting characters to root for. However, when it comes to picking favorite TV characters of the year, the list could be never-ending! So, we’ve narrowed down the list of the best characters of 2019 based on TV Time users’ character votes. Scroll down to see who reigned supreme!

[Warning: Spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk.]

20. Robert Sheehan "Klaus Hargreeves" (The Umbrella Academy )

Klaus was our No. 1 character in February and March. It’s safe to say that we couldn’t get enough of his style, clap backs, and those dance movies!

19. Eliza Taylor "Clarke Griffin" (The 100 )

Headstrong and caring, Clarke is a natural born leader who (thankfully) is still alive after gaining some control over her body after Josephine possessed her in the latest, sixth season.

18. Kit Harington "Jon Snow" (Game of Thrones )

Jon Snow had a complicated arc in the final season of Game of Thrones, but he survived to lead life beyond The Wall.

17. Kiernan Shipka "Sabrina Spellman" (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina )

Sabrina cast her spell on bingers, and she only became more powerful in “Part 2.”

16. Viola Davis "Annalise Keating" (How to Get Away with Murder )

It’s our last season with the bold, messy, strong, and sexy character that is Annalise Keating! Viola’s work redefined women of color on television, and remains one of the best female characters on our screens.

15. Kristen Bell "Eleanor Shellstrop" (The Good Place 

“Eleanor is the answer.” Eleanor isn’t just good -- she’s great, and she did a pretty decent job stepping up as Season 4’s architect.

14. Ellen Pompeo "Meredith Grey" (Grey's Anatomy )

Sixteen seasons later, Mere continues to be the loyal survivor that everyone at Grey Sloan Memorial can count on for advice and a shoulder to cry on.

13. Cole Sprouse "Jughead Jones" (Riverdale )

Riverdale’s self-proclaimed “weirdo” is moving on up at Stonewall Prep, but fingers crossed he can survive the fourth season …

12. Cillian Murphy "Thomas Shelby" (Peaky Blinders )

Because nobody looks better in a suit or can smoke a cigarette like this ambitious gang leader.

11. Matt LeBlanc "Joey Tribbiani" (Friends )

Who else would buy you a friendship bracelet or ask for seconds of your terrible trifle? Joey Tribbiani is the most loyal and selfless of the group, and of course, will be there for you. 🎶 😜

10. Elisabeth Moss "Offred/June Osborne" (The Handmaid's Tale )

The most badass handmaid in Gilead can sometimes drives us crazy with her dangerous decisions, but she intends to survive and will do anything to give her daughters a better life.

9. Jim Parsons "Sheldon Cooper" (The Big Bang Theory )

Fans love the “King of Nerds,” Dr. Sheldon Cooper, and after twelve seasons of TBBT, his knowledge, quips, and odd personality will be sorely missed on our TV's every week.

8. Álvaro Morte "Professor" (Money Heist )

How could anyone complete a heist without the brains? Whether it’s tricking the police or nearly killing someone, The Professor is willing to do what it takes to have his plan go smoothly.

7. Elizabeth Gillies "Fallon Carrington" (Dynasty )

A fearless fashionista who knows how to climb the corporate ladder and can put someone in their place with a good comeback. What’s not to love?

6. Matthew Perry "Chandler Bing" (Friends )

Could he be any more delightful? The debate over who’s the best “friend” could go on forever, however, Chandler Bing remains the No. 1 most-voted for Friends character in TV Time!

5. Millie Bobby Brown "Eleven" (Stranger Things 

A mall-going, boy-crazy teenage girl and a life-saving, powerful force! El continues to grow with strange, new experiences in Hawkins -- further proving how tough she really is.

4. Lili Reinhart "Betty Cooper" (Riverdale )

So what if she has the “serial killer gene”? Betty’s detective intuition and dedication to her friends makes her one of the most interesting kids in all of Riverdale.

3. Maisie Willians "Arya Stark" (Game of Thrones )

Arya Stark was the true hero -- ultimately defeating the Night King and sailing off for her next great adventure. 

2. Andy Samberg "Jake Peralta" (Brooklyn Nine-Nine )

He may come off as a little cocky, but this lovable and dedicated detective would “Die Hard” for the 99th precinct and always keeps us entertained with childish jokes and the occasional song.

1. Tom Ellis "Lucifer Morningstar" (Lucifer )

"Lucifer likes." This handsome devil took TV Time users by storm in 2019 as Lucifer topped our year-end binge report and was the most-streamed series this year!

Want to see more? Check out the top 30 characters of the year in ranking order below!

  1. Tom Ellis "Lucifer Morningstar" Lucifer
  2. Andy Samberg "Jake Peralta" Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  3. Maisie Willians "Arya Stark" Game of Thrones
  4. Lili Reinhart "Betty Cooper" Riverdale
  5. Millie Bobby Brown "Eleven" Stranger Things
  6. Matthew Perry "Chandler Bing" Friends
  7. Elizabeth Gillies "Fallon Carrington" Dynasty
  8. Alvaro Morte "Professor" Money Heist
  9. Jim Parsons "Sheldon Cooper" The Big Bang Theory
  10. Elisabeth Moss "Offred/June Osborne" The Handmaid's Tale
  11. Matt LeBlanc "Joey Tribbiani" Friends
  12. Cillian Murphy "Thomas Shelby" Peaky Blinders
  13. Cole Sprouse "Jughead Jones" Riverdale
  14. Ellen Pompeo "Meredith Grey" Grey's Anatomy
  15. Kristen Bell "Eleanor Shellstrop" The Good Place
  16. Viola Davis "Annalise Keating" How to Get Away with Murder
  17. Kiernan Shipka "Sabrina Spellman" Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
  18. Kit Harington "Jon Snow" Game of Thrones
  19. Eliza Taylor "Clarke Griffin" The 100
  20. Robert Sheehan "Klaus Hargreeves" The Umbrella Academy
  21. Neil Patrick Harris "Barney Stinson" How I Met Your Mother
  22. Jensen Ackles "Dean Winchester" Supernatural
  23. Emilia Clarke "Daenerys Targaryen" Game of Thrones
  24. Jon Bernthal "Frank Castle" Marvel's The Punisher
  25. Alba Flores "Nairobi" Money Heist
  26. Penn Badgley, "Joe Goldberg" You
  27. Gina Rodriguez "Jane Villanueva" Jane the Virgin
  28. Grant Gustin "Barry Allen" The Flash
  29. Peter Dinklage "Tyrion Lannister" Game of Thrones
  30. Asa Butterfield "Otis Milburn" Sex Education

*The “Top Characters of 2019” are based on in-app character votes from 1/1/19-12/1/19. 

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