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What to Watch After 'The Umbrella Academy'

Can't get enough of Netflix's latest addictive drama? Here are 15 other shows to keep you entertained while we wait for a second season. Netflix

[Warning: major spoilers for the season finale of The Umbrella Academy ahead!]

So you just finished watching The Umbrella Academy and you don't quite know what to do with yourself. Vanya just turned into the White Violin, tried to end the world and then actually did end the world by destroying the moon. Luther, Diego, Klaus and Number Five all tried to kill her but Allison just shot a bullet next to her hear, temporarily knocking her out. Number Five time traveled with them all to some point in the past, and the world just ... ends. What a cliffhanger, and what a finale!

Netflix's wildest and weirdest show about a group of adult superheroes from a dysfunctional family was quite the ride through its first season. And while we still don't know if we're getting a second season (come on Netflix, what are you waiting for?!), at least we can keep ourselves entertained with these 15 other addictive series. 

Whether it's another subversive superhero show or just a dark psychological mystery, there are ton of great shows that The Umbrella Academy fans in TV Time are watching. So go ahead, start binge-watching!

15. The Protector

This Turkish import has all the dark drama of a shadowy underground organization like Number Five's The Commission.

14. Emerald City

This series was a dark, modern day retelling of The Wizard of Oz. Fairytales for adults!

13. Marvel's Runaways

Just like The Umbrella Academy, this group of superheroes couldn't be more dysfunctional ... because they're battling their own evil parents.

12. Final Space

This animated intergalactic comedy follows Gary and Mooncake's adventures to unlock the mystery of "Final Space," where the universe ends. More dark comedy and apocalypse drama? Yes please!

11. Maniac

Another Netflix series you'll binge and then think, "What did I just watch?" But in a good way!

10. Krypton

You thought Superman was the perfect superhero? Turns out his grandpa had an even crazier origin story. Get ready to see the House of El in a whole new light.

9. Happy!

If you take all the weirdest, craziest, most delusional parts of The Umbrella Academy and dial it up to an 11 and make it rated NC-17, you might come close to this Syfy series.

8. Charmed (2018)

Instead of superheroes and time travel, this CW reboot has magic! And, of course, dysfunctional family drama. Duh.

7. Powerless

The tonal opposite of The Umbrella Academy, this short-lived comedy subverted superhero tropes in a completely new and hilarious way.

6. Marvel's Cloak & Dagger

What if superheroes lived in the real world? This Marvel series is much more grounded than usual comic book fare, and has a nice YA spin that still deals with real-world issues like racism, sexual assault and more.

5. Sick Note

The humor and drama of The Umbrella Academy felt decidedly British at times even though it's an American series, but that's why it feels so similar to this Rupert Grint dramedy. Watch and you'll know what we mean.

4. The Innocents

Another off-the-beaten-path Netflix series that deserves your attention is this YA sci-fi drama. It's a quick watch but oh-so-addicting.

3. Titans (2018)

This isn't your average Robin! The DC Universe series matures the former sidekick to make him his own hero. Or is that vigilante? Based on his language, attitude and body count, it's kind of hard to tell.

2. Tidelands

The Little Mermaid is all grown up with this dark mermaid drama from Netflix.

1. Russian Doll

But the existential darkness and unexplained phenomenon of Netflix's Russian Doll is actually the show most like The Umbrella Academy, even though there's no superheroes or science fiction in sight. Start watching now!

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