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Find Your Next TV Girl Gang This Galentine's Day

Thanks to "Parks and Rec," we now have a favorite February tradition! NBC

Parks and Recreation’s Leslie Knope a.k.a. the inventor of Galentine’s Day once said, “February 13th is about celebrating lady friends.” 

Using shows about female friendships that TV Time users love, we paired old shows with new shows to help you find your next great binge!

If you admire the friendship that is: Sex and the City's Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha, and love a good sense of style, try Younger.

Set in New York City? ✅ Created by Darren Star? ✅ Patricia Field serving as show stylist? ✅ Liza (Sutton Foster) struggles to re-enter the working world at the age of 40. However, passing herself off as 26 leads her to a new job in publishing, new friends, and a newfound confidence.

Nothing beats the snack devouring, coffee drinking, pop culture spouting charm of Lorelai and Rory in Gilmore Girls, but The Bold Type trio might make the grade.

Navigating their career goals and relationships, Kat, Sutton, and Jane are never afraid to be brutally honest with one another and are always there to celebrate each other’s strengths and triumphs.

Leave the prison for a ‘house’! If you miss the wide array of strong characters from Orange Is the New Black, it’s time to watch Pose.

This FX drama dives into the gender-nonconforming ball culture scene during the 1980’s and early ‘90s. Come for the eleganza, stay for the queer stories and chosen family.

If you long for the mystery and drama of Pretty Little Liars, dig into Big Little Lies

A group of mothers come together to keep a major secret in their California beach town. With dramatic costume parties, nosey townspeople, and memeable moments ... It’s basically a “grown-up” version of PLL!

The gang on Girls didn’t always make the right decisions in life, but a great decision you can make is binge-watching Netflix’s GLOW.

See the “Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling” in all their glory: ‘80s leotards, big hair, and girl power. The dramedy revolves around a diverse group of women who perform together in a local wrestling organization while tackling stereotypes, broken relationships, and working in show business.

Give Dollface a shot if you miss the trippy drug moments of Broad City

After getting dumped by her longtime boyfriend, Jules (Kat Dennings) is on a mission to rekindle her female friendships. With a literal cat lady and an homage to The Wizard of Oz, the Hulu series takes you on a surreal journey as Jules struggles to find her own identity.

Mistresses was fun, but get a little darker with Netflix dramedy, Dead to Me.

They may not be involved in as many relationships as Mistresses, but Jen and Judy form a powerful friendship/frienemy-ship through group therapy. However, a huge secret causes a major plot twist and creates a rift between the pair …

If you appreciated the growth that Max, Synclaire, Khadijah, and Regine experienced (personally and professionally) in Living Single, perhaps you’ll enjoy Good Trouble.

Callie and Mariana (of The Fosters) start their young adult lives in a brand-new city. While living in a communal apartment building, they begin to weave their lives with their neighbors as they push towards their career goals.

Take a vacation from the always enjoyable Golden Girls of Miami, Florida, and take a trip to ‘90s Ireland with Derry Girls.

Navigating your teen years in Northern Ireland may seem pretty different than the “mature” women of The Golden Girls, but the quips and insults are just as laugh-out-loud hilarious.

Love the secrets that hide within suburban neighborhoods like Desperate Housewives? Good Girls is the series for you. 

NBC’s Good Girls delivers as three suburban mothers decide to stop playing safe, and risk everything by robbing a supermarket to take back their power.

Check out Grown-ish if you miss the honest conversations of Girlfriends (and will watch anything Tracee Ellis Ross touches 😍).

In this spin-off, Zoey Johnson is moving away to college. She and her new friends face current student issues and more often than not -- learn things the hard way ... And yes, the show features a few black-ish cameos!

If you want another female-driven sitcom like 2 Broke Girls, add Mom to your watchlist.

Anna Faris and Allison Janney star as a mother/daughter duo who are both recovering addicts. The CBS series brings a lot of heart and laughs while covering tough issues, such as death and abuse.

Looking for a “Leslie” to your “Ann”? A Parks and Recreation kind of friendship? Watch Grace and Frankie because you’re never too old to find someone to share life with! 

Former rivals and total opposites, Grace and Frankie, become housemates after their husbands leave them to marry each other. As the pair tries to cope, they form a unique family dynamic and unlikely friendship. 

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