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Monday at NBC 11 seasons Still Running
American Ninja Warrior is a 85 minute reality-special interest starring Matt Iseman as Host, Akbar Gbajabiamila as Host and Kristine Leahy as Reporter. The series premiered on Sat Dec 12, 2009 on NBC and USA vs the World 2019 (S10E16) last aired on Sun Jan 27, 2019.
  • Amanda Manning
  • Kia
  • Patricia Miller
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January 2016

How are there so few comments? ANW is an awesome show, exciting and addictive. But beware, it might make you want to get in shape :D

2 replies
February 2017

Hmm, I'm starting to see why. The app didn't notify about the All Stars special that aired a week ago, and still isn't notifying about the regular season shows which, I believe, start airing again tomorrow.

June 2017

OK, regular season doesn't start again until next week. But once again, no notice of "USA vs. the World" which aired tonight. What the heck, TV Time? This is YEARS now that you can't get it together.

May 2017

So I watched the Red Nose Celebrity special and HOLY SHIT!!! These celebs are total beasts, to be honest I expected Stephen Amell and Derek Hough to do well but definitely not THAT well, impressed!

0 reply
January 2015

NW: #AmericanNinjaWarrior on AXN ????

0 reply
February 2016

Awesome. Just watched season seven special USA v Japan and Europe quite brilliant. They should have this on the Olympics. Might actually watch it then.

0 reply
August 2015

New fan! Great show of strength by the contestants

0 reply
September 2015

great show! i love watching ♥ It is exciting and it makes you very nervous in the finals !

0 reply
February 2017

All star special was yesterday why didnt the app reminder me since even last year it didn't reminded me, pls add this

0 reply
March 2017

I love watching this show but I never know when a new episode airs! I found out about the all stars the next day 🙁🙁

0 reply
August 2017

I LOVE this show! I watch it every day! There are even girls on the show anybody can do the stuff they do, it teaches them to get in shape

1 replies
April 2018

What do you mean "even" girl's....... I know a few women that would kick ur ass sexist.

August 2017

Hey I love watching American Ninja Warrior
And I was watching American Ninja Warrior
Los Angles

0 reply
December 2017


0 reply
October 2018

Element - A substance that cannot be separated or broken down into simpler substances by chemical means

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last month

The contestants blow my mind. They are very strong and each year they get better and better.💪💪👊

0 reply
September 2018

Where is the Red Nose Day special? It’s not on here even though it should be. Please add it!

0 reply
3 weeks ago

Love this series need to know a way to watch season 1

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