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Difficult People stars Klausner and Eichner as best friends living in New York City whose typical, irreverent behavior lands them in some very awkward situations.
  • Gabriela Costa Valente
  • Mattia Trotta
  • مشاري دافنشي
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September 2015

Amy poehler produced this show so basically that's why I'm watching it haha

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August 2015

Nope. This was horrible. Too much nonsense rambling and the two main characters are way too self absorbed.

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August 2015

I like it! Billy and Julie's mom are so funny!

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September 2016

Hmm, this show is so specific, it is surely only meant to appeal to a niche crowd.

* You have to have a base tolerance for mean, bitchy people. Honestly, they're far from the worst human beings I've seen on TV. It's just mainly the things that come out of their mouths, are offensive and politically incorrect. They're pretty harmless otherwise.
* Don't expect it to have a serialized plot -- On any given episode, you'll see these two best friends get into a bunch of shenanigans. Mostly, they're two comedians trying to break into the entertainment industry. But they often just come up with a bunch of weird ass ideas that they'd think would be cool to try, and then you'll see whether they succeed/fail spectacularly at executing them -- or perhaps give up on those endeavours altogether.
* If I had to describe it, I would say it often feels "kitsch-y" esp. when the various characters behave in an Over-the-Top manner.
* If I had to choose a group of people who are more likely appreciate it, A.V. Club commenters/readers would be my bet. (Due to the many pop culture references-- an array of celebrities, popular and obscure TV shows, mocking of recaps + the esoteric interests of this particular demographic).

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December 2015

Difficult or just plain obnoxious? They exude every negative behavior under the sun and yet think they can make it as a comedy team. Humor comes from relate-ability. Don't see that occurring here.

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November 2015

Totally gonna rewatch this season on winter holidays. Loved it so much)

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August 2016

I had a foot behind on this. I'm not a fan of the cast and the premise seemed a little bit obnoxious. But then I watched the pilot and heard them say out loud so many things I would like to say but my strict education doesn't allow me and I fell in love

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July 2016

The premise of the show sounded so interesting. I thought it would be great. I mean, we all deal with a noxious difficult people from time to time. But... I just don't see the comedy. There are, of course, some very good lines here and there but all in all, the show did not please me. Maybe it's my fault. Maybe I was expecting something like "You're the Worst".

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November 2016

What I LOVED about this show is how specific the humor is. If you don't find the humor in making fun of Katharine McPhee in Smash or Naya Rivera's "political" commentary, this show's not for you.

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December 2016

I love this show! They are complete assholes with the kind of humor my friends and I have. They say the kind of things alot of people think, but wouldn't say out loud for fear of offending someone bcuz we have to be so PC about everything now. So u say them but only around ur closest friends that u know won't judge u for one freaking joke! NO ONE wants honesty anymore. They just want things to be sugar coated all the time so their feelings don't get hurt. So not only do interpersonal relationships suffer but so does our entertainment. This show is a breath of fresh air, like the good old days when people could be funny and not be censored the whole show!! I feel like I'm hanging out with good friends when I watch this show! Haven't laughed this much in a long time!!

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