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gen:LOCK is a 30 minute adventure-animation-science-fiction starring Asia Kate Dillon as Valentina Romanyszyn, Golshifteh Farahani as Yasamin Madrani and David Tennant as Dr. Rufus Weller. The series premiered on Sat Jan 26, 2019 on Rooster Teeth and Identity Crisis (S01E08) last aired on Sat Mar 09, 2019.
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January 2019

Haven't had time to check it out but honestly he fact that Maisie Williams is in it makes me want to watch it

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January 2019

She's not in the first episode though

June 2018

Just looking at the trailer for it, it seems like a ‘call of duty’ type show. You know like a gun-a-blazzing type of thing. I’n not really into that type of stuff, but got hooked on RWBY extremely fast, so I’m gonna try it out.

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February 2019

I've been watching Gen:Lock since it premiered last Saturday and so far I must say it's a very interesting show to watch. I find it interesting how the voice cast for it is one of the reasons I'm watching it because you have Michael B. Jordan in the main role as Chase, Dakota Fanning as Miranda, David Tennant as Doctor Weller and Maisie Williams as Cammie. The animation style is fluid, it's well paced, the writing is good and you can definitely say that there's a statement about the costs of war and evolution of technology. plus it's a show about Mechs. I was already on board from the get go but the cast alone pushed it to the top of my list.

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February 2019

If you haven't watched it yet, think Avatar (2009) meets Pacific Rim (2014) in a global civil war.

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4 weeks ago

I was waiting for this, I saw the trailer and I was immediately interested and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised, it is way better than I expected it to be. This is by far the best Rooster Teeth show I have seen. The story is interesting and characters are too. I am glad they updated the original mechs designs (as showed in the opening) because they were boring.
However, if the show is interesting and presents us very captivating themes I regret that they are not explored, we only scratch the surface of what could have been far better. The world building aspect also lacks to be desired. We barely know anything about the political aspect or about The Union and the Polity, which is kinda important in a series about war

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