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Set in the golden age of Ad Men during the ‘60s and ‘70s, this series chronicles the rise of Don Draper, a partner at one of New York's most prestigious ad agencies. As Don and his fellow executives chase women and drink booze, the socio-political work culture begins to take shape around them.
  • Gregory Verkeyn
  • Florence Vaillant
  • Mayela Vargas de Treviño
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April 2015

Mad Men is definitely one the best shows I've watched. It's smart, well written and has a very intriguing main character. But the true difference between this tv series and the others is that Mad Men is not just a show. It's more like a piece of art or a good wine, you have to appreciate it, not just watch it. And once you start seeing the beauty in the details, the depth in the dialogues and the perfection in the acting, you go from being just a viewer to being a true admirer.

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December 2015


February 2016

Well said! Exactly what I feel about it... You can get nostalgic by watching it even though you didn't live in those days :)

September 2016

I couldn't agree more. This show is not for everyone, but it's brilliant. Anyone Who likes Mad Man is a true tv series lover and not just an occasional watcher

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October 2016

I started it for second time ! I love it !!! It's a tv show that you want to see it more than once in your life

January 2017

Well said man , its a peace of art ❤️❤️

January 2017

*Chuckles* your opinion of this show had me quite intrigued; I can't wait to start watching it!

May 2015

A série onde nada acontece mais legal já produzida.

The series where nothing happens coolest ever produced.

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March 2016

Consegue retratar vários fatos da década em que se passa. No caso, os anos 60. É não só a mais legal já produzida, como a mais fiel.

September 2016

E ainda assim você se pega quase na beirada do sofá esperando pra ver o que acontece em seguida.

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January 2017

Essa é a sensação q eu tenho, de que nada está acontecendo. Mas a série me envolveu de uma forma... e eu adoro como incorporam fatos históricos no cotidiano da agência.

April 2014

Mad men is less followed than shows like teen wolf? Are you freaking kidding me??!

Anyway, amazing show, great storylines, perfect actors and costumes. And the seasons keep getting better with time which is admirable those days !
So sad the next season will be the last but at the same time it's very wise to end it now while the show is at its peak

Mad men is less followed than shows like teen wolf? Are you freaking kidding me??!

Anyway, amazing show, great storylines, perfect actors and costumes. And the seasons keep getting better with time which is admirable those days !
So sad the next season will be the last but at the same time it's very wise to end it now while the show is at its peak

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August 2014

I think, this show is pretty great, Amazing, Its one of my favorites without any doubt. I completly love Jon Hamm and is perfect work as Don. Damn i totally love Don Draper is the master.

I love the environment of the series. I love the department of design i must say..

I totally recomend this series. What are you waiting for watch this? I hope you like it.

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January 2016

Best TV show ever!

Ho iniziato Mad Men quando era già finita la messa in onda. Me ne sono innamorato e pochi giorni fa, quando ho terminato di vedere l'ultimo episodio, sentivo un vuoto: questi personaggi, nonostante appartenessero a un'altra epoca e a un altro continente, sono stati descritti così bene che li conoscevo in un modo che ha a che fare pesantemente con l'intimità. Bellissima serie. Indimenticabile.

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July 2015

I've just finished watching Mad Men. It took me only 3 weeks to watch all 7 seasons. That's because the show is so great and I could never get enough of it.

It is a journey to the 60's. I loved that the real life main events of that decade is used as a background. Add to that the chance to show how women were seen, and how much they had to go through so we could be at the point we are now.

All of that full of great characters, with amazing performances and a brilliant script.

Peggy Olson will be forever one of my favorite characters of television!

I'm really going to miss you "Mad Men".

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February 2016

المسلسل درامي عاطفي و بـ اختصار يتكلم عن الأشياء اللي يبحث عنها الإنسان و يعيش حياته عشان يوصلها و حجم التضحيات اللي يقدمها عشان يوصل هدفه
من أكثر المسلسلات واقعية و تأثير على المشاهد
مسلسل عظيم في بناء الشخصيات و ربط المشاهد بـ بعض على مدى سنوات
كل شخصية ظهرت في المسلسل كان لها أثر واضح على شخصية ثانية مهما كان الدور لـ كل الشخصيتين
ممكن يكون فيه صعوبة بـ متابعته في البداية لأنه بطيء لكن هذا اللي لازم يصير عشان تنبني القصة كاملة
آخر نقطة أبقولها عنه
هو أفضل مسلسل تابعته كـ عمل كامل
و بيكون ممتع جداً لـ أي شخص وظيفته إدارية و في مجال بزنس خصوصاً

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last month

هو فعلا بطيء و بياخذ منك وقت
غالبا الموسم بدايته بطيئة ثم يرتفع المستوى بالحلقات الأخيرة من الموسم

August 2015

O retrato perfeito de uma época e sociedade. Merece todos os prêmios que ganhou e foi indicada.

The perfect portrait of an era and society. He deserves all the awards it has won and been nominated.

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January 2014

L'une des séries les meilleures de la décennie . Tout y est des réflexions sur les individus, le milieu du travail, les débuts de la société de consommation . L'avancée dans le temps nous permet de revisiter une époque et de s'interroger sur la façon dont elle a créé notre présent.
Géniale! Il faut peut être un petit temps pour s'attacher aux personnages tous imparfaits qu'ils sont, mais une fois qu'on l'a fait , on ne les quitte plus. Et on les voit grandir et vieillier comme dans une saga...

One of the best series of the decade. Everything is reflections on individuals, the workplace, the beginnings of the consumer society. The advance in time allows us to revisit a time and wondering how she created our present.
Great! It may have to be a little time to get attached to the characters they are all imperfect, but once we did, we will leave them more. And we see them grow and vieillier like a saga ...

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March 2014

Un petit secret de tournage ( source inside the actor studio interview du Showrunner)

Pour nous les filles, ATTENTION.
Asseyez vous:

John Ham, alias Don Draper, est ce utile de le dire, a dû passer 7 auditions pour le rôle .

Qq1 dans l' équipe de Production, un petit malin, avait des DOUTES sur le fait qu' il soit SEXY ????????????

????????????heuuuuu c' était qui cette personne qui avait des doutes ????????

Ah mon avis, maintenant elle vent des hotdogs sur Hollywood boulevard.

A little secret location (source inside the actor studio interview Showrunner)

For us girls, ATTENTION.

John Ham, aka Don Draper, is it helpful to say, had to spend 7 auditions for the role.

Qq1 in the Production team, a crafty, had doubts about the fact that it is SEXY??????

?????? Heuuuuu c 'Who was that person who had doubts????

Ah I think now she wind hotdogs on Hollywood Boulevard.

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September 2014

Ouï carrément après si tu attends de l'action ce n'est pas Mad MEN
Qu'il faut voir.
Si tu as aimé Masters of Sex ( si tu l'as vu tu aimeras celle ci)

Heard after outright if you wait for action not Mad MEN
To be seen.
If you liked Masters of Sex (if you saw it you will love this one)

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October 2014

Je voudrais bien rencontrer cette personne qui a des doutes... Personnellement, je n'ai AUCUN doute moi ! :)

I would love to meet this person who has doubts ... Personally, I have NO doubt me! :)

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October 2014

Ce ne pouvait être qu'un mec pour avoir des doutes! =D

It could be a guy to have doubts! = D

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October 2015

vent du verbe le vent loooooool ça arrive à tout le monde

Wind verb wind loooooool it happens to everyone

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December 2015

Amo alguns costumes, roupas, alimentos... Tudo me faz pensar que nasci no ano errado KAKAK

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June 2017

Então acho que você não é feminista sjsjsjj

January 2017

رجال ماد (بالإنجليزية: Mad Men) مسلسل دراما أمريكي، من إبتكار ماثيو واينر. عرض المسلسل أول مرة في 19 يوليو 2007 على قناة الكايبل الأمريكية AMC، وانتهى عرضه في 17 مايو 2015، بعد بعد 7 مواسم مكونة من 92 حلقة.

تدور أحداثه في الستينيات في شركة للدعاية والإعلان في شارع ماديسون في نيويورك تدعى "ستيرلنغ كوبر". المحور الرئيس في المسلسل هو دون دريبر، أحد المدراء الإبداعيين في الشركة، والناس في حياته الخاصة والمهنية. حبكة المسلسل تركز على أعمال شركات الدعاية إضافة إلى الحياة الخاصة للشخصيات، مصوراً بانتظام تغيير المزاج والعادات الاجتماعية في الولايات المتحدة خلال السيتنيات. الموسم الأول يبدأ في شهر مارس 1960 ويمضى إلى نوفمبر 1970 بحلول نهاية الموسم السابع.

تلقلى ماد من خلال فترة عرضه إشادة كبيرة على الكتابة والتمثيل والدقة التاريخية، فقد ربح العديد من الجوائز، بما في ذلك ستة عشر جائزة إيمي وخمسة جوائز غولدن غلوب. يعد المسلسل من أفضل المسلسلات التلفزيونية في التاريخ.[1][2]

وفقاً للحلقة الأولى، ماد هي اختصار ماديسون وليس المقصود "مجانين" كما يعتقد، حيث أطلق رجال الدعاية والإعلان في شارع ماديسون (Madison Avenue) بمدينة نيويورك في نهايات خمسينات القرن العشرين على أنفسهم لقب "Mad Men" (رجال ماد).[3]


تحدث حبكة المسلسل من في أجواء الستينات، في شركة وهمية تدعى ستيرلينج كوبر للدعاية والإعلانات في شارع ماديسون في مدينة نيويورك. النقطة المحورية للمسلسل هو دون درابير (جون هام)، مدير فريق الإبداع في الشركة، وأحداث حياته سواء في نطاق العمل أو خارجه. يصور المسلسل التقلبات المزاجية والأعراف الاجتماعية والقلق السياسي في حياة الأمريكيين في الستينات.

Mad Men (in English: Mad Men) US drama series, from innovation Matthew Weiner. Broadcast the show the first time in the July 19, 2007 on the US Alkybl channel AMC, and ended up displayed in the May 17, 2015, after after seven seasons consisting of 92 episodes.

It is set in the sixties in Advertising in Madison Avenue in New York company called "Stirling Cooper." President axis in the series is without Draper, a Alabdaian managers in the company, and the people in his own life and career. The plot of the series focuses on the business of advertising companies in addition to the private lives of the characters, a photographer regularly change the mood and social customs in the United States during the Alsitniat. The first season begins in the month of March 1960 and goes on to November 1970 by the end of the seventh season.

Mad Tkuly through the period presented great tribute to the writing and acting and historical accuracy, has won numerous awards, including sixteen Emmy Award and five Golden Globes. Is a series of the best TV series in history. [1] [2]

According to the first episode, Mad is an abbreviation Madison and is not meant "crazy" as thought, where men advertising launched on Madison Avenue (Madison Avenue) in New York City in the late fifties of the twentieth century to themselves the title of "Mad Men" (Men Mad). [3]

the story

Speaking of the plot of the series in the atmosphere of the sixties, in a fictitious company called Sterling Cooper advertising and ads on Madison Avenue in New York City. The focal point of the series is without Draper (Jon Hamm), creative director team in the company, and the events of his life whether at work or outside the range. The series portrays the mood swings and social norms and political concern in the lives of Americans in the sixties.

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May 2017

أنهيت المسلسل وأنا مستغرب لماذا اسم المسلسل ماد مين! ما هو الجنون؟

May 2017

شكراً للتوضيح
مسلسل عظيم ورائع

December 2016

Potrebbe non piacere a tutti per la narrazione lenta e la mancanza di una trama orizzontale ben definita, ma vanta una galleria di personaggi descritti benissimo nelle loro luci e ombre, e resi altrettanto bene dai rispettivi interpreti (Jon Hamm qui è mastodontico, ma anche gli altri non scherzano affatto). Se avrete la pazienza di farvi catturare dalle prodezze di questi "pazzi" pubblicitari in un'America nel pieno dei suoi cambiamenti sociali, verrete premiati con uno dei racconti più intensi ed eleganti sulla complessità della condizione umana. Imperdibile.

2 replies
October 2013

É de impressionar a profundidade dos personagens principais e de a como a serie nos imerge nos anos 60

0 reply
April 2017

Questa serie si può riassumere in una frase: non succede un cazzo ma lo fanno benissimo

6 replies
April 2017

Beh. Benissimo... i dialoghi di Don sembrano scritti da dodicenni.

May 2017

Devo iniziarla e la tua recensione mi ha incuriosito davvero

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last month

kaleido79 Credo siano scritti molto bene invece, Don è un personaggio introspettivo, non fa sfoggio di eloquenza ma è molto complesso e parla anche attraverso le sue azioni

last month

kaleido79 Tutti i suoi comportamenti (da quelli più impulsivi a quelli più riflessivi) sono segno di una personalità complessa, personalità che è simbolo della contraddittorietà umana e del caos che Don abbraccia con lucida accettazione. Anche quando prova a coltivare qualcosa gli eventi e il suo stesso modo di affrontare la vita lo portano ad allontanare tutto. Credo sia perché per Don anche le cose a cui tiene di più non sono comunque indispensabili. Ci vorrebbero ore per parlare in modo adeguato della sua personalità e in un commento non è possibile😢 ahah in ogni caso ecco uno dei passi (sono tanti) su cui si può riflettere di più:
《When a man walks into a room, he brings his whole life with him. He has a million reasons for being anywhere, just ask him. If you listen, he'll tell you how he got there. How he forgot where he was going, and that he woke up. If you listen, he'll tell you about the time he thought he was an angel or dreamt of being perfect. And then he'll smile with wisdom, content that he realized the world isn't perfect. We're flawed, because we want so much more. We're ruined, because we get these things, and wish for what we had.》😊

May 2013

Serie hyper intéressante, on y découvre une autre époque, d'autres moeurs, et surtout la pub durant les 30 glorieuses. Absolument géniale. Bien réalisé, casting en béton, decors et habillage de soie. A la fois dramatique et drole. Un vrai voyage dans le temps... Je suis accro a "don" comme ses lucky strike!

Hyper series interesting, we discover a different time, different customs, and especially the pub for 30 glorious. Absolutely brilliant. Well done, cast concrete, sceneries and wrapping silk. Both dramatic and funny. A real trip back in time ... I'm addicted to "gift" as his lucky strike!

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May 2015

Plus que 2 épisodes de Mad Men... Cette série va me manquer. Les personnages sont attachants, l'univers des années 60-70 est parfaitement restituée, les dialogues sont profonds. Le point fort de la série c'est sa manière d'aborder de façon très juste des sujets comme le racisme, le rapport des hommes aux femmes à l'époque,l'alcoolisme,le tabagisme...
En bref cette série est une merveille et elle marquera à vie l'univers des series TV.

Only 2 episodes of Mad Men ... This series will miss it. The characters are lovable, the universe of 60-70 years is fully restored, the dialogues are profound. The highlight of the series is its approach very fairly topics such as racism, the ratio of men to women at the time, alcoholism, smoking ...
In short this series is a marvel and it will mark the life world of TV series.

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September 2015

Congratulations to one of the most amazing actors of tv history...
Jon Hamm.
After 16 nominations, he finally wins an Emmy.

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December 2014

Do you know why i like this show ?! Because Don Draper can smoke everywhere and drink anytime. It sounds like Freedom....

Do you know why i like this show? Because Don Draper can smoke and drink everywhere anytime. It sounds like Freedom ....

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