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The Suite Life Sets Sail 1
Parrot Island 2
Broke 'n' Yo-Yo 3
Friday at Disney Channel (US) 3 seasons Ended
This time, Zack and Cody Martin take to the high seas on the SS Tipton. Despite being in the lap of luxury for a semester, the boys and their new roommate still manage to get into all sorts of trouble abroad.
  • Michelle Chen
  • Peter DeMeo
  • Deborah Chelkowski
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March 2017

I watched riverdale and saw cole, all memories came back lmao so i'm rewatching all episodes of the suite life on deck of Zack and Cody

I watched riverdale and saw cole, all memories came back lmao so i'm rewatching all episodes of the suite life on deck of Zack and Cody

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July 2017


January 2015

miss them so much... THIS was real Disney Channel (together to Hannah Montana and Sonny with a chance)

miss them so much ... THIS was real Disney Channel (together to Hannah Montana and Sonny with a Chance)

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April 2015

Don't forget the Wizards of Waverly Place

Do not forget the Wizards of Waverly Place

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March 2016


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January 2016

Vieni insieme a me
per scoprire che
per noi due
c'è un mondo che aspetta.

Domani è un altro giorno
e noi
siamo pronti!

E' uno spasso
ogni passo che fai
sulla nave dei sogni

In crociera
tutto si avvererà
per la nostra felicità

A bordo!

Come with me
to find out
for us two
there is a world waiting.

Tomorrow is another day
and US
we are ready!

It 'a hoot
every step you take
the ship of dreams

In a cruise
It will come true
to our happiness

On board!

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May 2017

j'ai recommencer cette série juste pour revoir Cole Sprouse car Riverdale me manque 😂😂😍

I repeat this series just to review Cole Sprouse because Riverdale misses me

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June 2017

Mdrrrrrr je fais exactement la même chose 😂😂😂😂

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August 2018

Mddr on c va tous finir par faire sa psk JUGHEAD c le sg

February 2017

Ô lê ô, nesse navio, ô lê ô, nada vai nos parar, SOMOS GEMEOS A BORDOOOOO

Ô lê ô, on this ship, ô lê ô, nothing is going to stop us, WE ARE GEMEOS A BORDOOOOO

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October 2016

Hoje com a minha idade atual (18), eu não assistiria... Mas a série me proporcionou boas risadas quando mais novo.

Today at my current age (18), I would not watch ... But the series gave me good laughs when younger.

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October 2015

Woooooow. Amo questo show. Era il mio preferito da bambina!

Woooooow. I love this show. It was my favorite as a child!

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November 2015

Così come la prima, adoravo anche questa seconda serie, loro sempre simpaticissimi :D

Like the first one, I also loved this second series, they were always very nice: D

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December 2016

I miss this show so much. I spent all my childhood seeing this show and it means a lot to me!!!

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May 2017

En realidad esta serie no se me hizo tan divertidad como la del hotel.

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July 2017

the first series i finished. childhood forever. :D

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June 2017

I love this serie ❤️ It's my childhood i want to come back

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July 2017

Relatable, funny, cute and Cole and Dylan Sprouse so enough said.

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October 2017

Questa serie insieme alle altre serie di disney channel ha accompagnato la mia infanzia... Che ricordi! 😢🤧

This series along with the other disney channel series has accompanied my childhood ... What memories! 😢🤧

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March 2018

I childhood favorite to all I’ve seen every episode that has ever came out

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April 2018

Curti q sigo de volta

I liked it, I follow it back

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May 2018

I love this show so, so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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