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Part One 1
Part Two 2
Part Three 3
at HBO 1 seasons Ended
A miniseries that follows soldiers Robert Leckie, John Basilone, and Eugene Sledge of the United States Marine Corps' as they experience intense battle in the Pacific Theater during World War II.
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February 2016

Currently catching up on Rami Malek's filmography (hello Mr Robot) I have to say that this show is incredibly directed, talented actors and great storyline make a very good TV Show, I recommend it!

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June 2016

I also have a good expectation of this series, I'll get to see in the next month :)

November 2016

I'm also here because of Rami, but now, this series.. I don't even find word to describe it

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July 2015

this show is so unDERRATED!!!

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December 2014

Excellent...du même niveau que Band of brothers

Excellent ... the same level as Band of Brothers

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June 2015

Band of brothers c'est bien la série avec Damian Lewis ? :)

Band of brothers it is the series with Damian Lewis? :)

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May 2016

L'une des meilleures séries que j'ai vue de ma vie. L'immersion est total, les personnages saisissant.. Juste un chef d'œuvre !

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May 2016

I have to be honest, The Pacific doesn't equal Band of Brothers, BUT it's still amazing (as any other HBO War mini series). Besides, I've fallen in love with it's soundtrack. Simply a must watch

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September 2015

Very good show, as one would expect from HBO, but personally I think Band of Brothers was much better. Different stories, obviously, but the action segments and the dialogues were more fascinating. Plus, Band of Brothers gives you a better insight on the historical context of that time

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March 2016

Start watching this now because of Rami Malek :-) lets have a look

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August 2016

É una delle migliori serie che io abbia mai visto! Bellissima ma drammatica al tempo stesso, che riesce ha rendere davvero quello che hanno passato quegli uomini al fronte. E poi c'è la partecipazione di un grandissimo John Seda... Il suo personaggio é in assoluto il migliore.
Spielberg e Hanks non deludono mai!!!

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March 2014

Bonne série mais qui ne vaut pas Band Of Brothers en Normandie qui était une vraie réussite !

Good series but not worth Band Of Brothers in Normandy which was a real success!

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September 2016

È una bella serie, molto cruda e di impatto, però non mi ha coinvolto tanto. Parla di una parte della seconda guerra mondiale di solito tralasciata ma rende bene l'idea di cosa sia realmente successo. I personaggi sono interpretati bene ma non ti coinvolgono più di tanto, ti lasciano distaccato. Il finale mi è piaciuto, lo ammetto, ma per me la puntata migliore è stata la penultima, veramente intensa ed emozionante, mi ha lasciato senza parole. Per me, Band Of Brothers è molto più bella. In ogni caso questa la consiglierei tranquillamente, ma prima ne consiglierei altre.

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3 weeks ago

From the misfortune of mankind...
War has become one of the most important social institutions in human life...
It's the technique of destroying others, their homes and their possessions, that have aroused human anxiety since the beginning of human history...

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3 weeks ago

The biggest lie in life is that each country entered the war to search for peace. Peace that is delivered through killing children and woman before killing soldiers. Am not talking about country which defend themselves from the invasion of others. But the ones which invade other countries

January 2015

Superbe, magistrale, un pure chef d'oeuvre !

Superb, brilliant, a pure masterpiece!

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November 2016

This type of shows brokes my heart... To much pain, to much blood, to many lives lost... And the problem is that we only live once! 😟

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January 2017

الاسم : The Pacific
التصنيف : اكشن - مغامرة - دراما
سنة الصنع : 2010
عدد المواسم : موسم واحد
الموضوع : مسلسل قصير مكون من عشرة حلقات يروي تجارب ثلاثة من مشاة البحرية الأمريكية خلال حرب الهادئ ضمن الحرب العالمية الثانية
تقييم IMDb : ٨.٣/١٠
ملاحظات : مسلسل قوي بصراحه عطني رايك

Name: The Pacific
Category: Action - Adventure - Drama
Year: 2010
Number of seasons: one season
Topic: Short series consisting of ten episodes tells three US Marines experiences during the Pacific War Within World War II
IMDb Rating: 8.3 / 10
Notes: Strong series Atunai honest opinion

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August 2015

bello,tragico,emotivo,cruento,straziante. .un telefilm che rappresenta la guerra e la sua dura verità! !

beautiful, tragic, emotional, gory, heart-wrenching. .a show is that the war and its hard truth! !

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January 2017

10 magníficos episodios que te trasladan al campo de batalla del Pacífico en la Segunda Guerra Mundial.
Obviamente iremos con el lado de los aliados, ¿No íbamos a ir con los japoneses, verdad? 😜

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February 2017

Very good cast and some young talents for "The Walking Dead". First Abraham in Band of Brothers, now Shane in The Pacific 😁

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