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A Miraculous and Magical Encounter! The Magical PreCures are Born! 1
To the Exciting Magic School! Where's the Principal!? 2
Shopping in the Magic Shopping Street! The Power of Ruby is Awakened! 3
Sunday at ABC (JA) 1 temporadas Terminada
Mirai Asahina, a thirteen-year-old girl who is excited by various things, goes with her stuffed bear, Mofurun, to investigate a mysterious object that fell from the sky. There, she meets a young magician named Liko who is searching for something known as the Linkle Stone Emerald. When dark servants of Dokuroxy come seeking the Linkle Stone Emerald, Mirai and Liko join hands with Mofurun and transform into the legendary magicians known as the Pretty Cures to fight against them. Thus, Mirai joins Liko in attending Magic School, where they must learn how to use magic while also fighting off Dokuroxy's minions.
  • dianayumi
  • Macocs
  • andrewdandrea
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