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1st Issue - The Targeted Town 1
2nd Issue - The Seven Assassination Plan 2
3rd Issue - Farewell, Ultraman 3
Saturday at TBS 1 temporadas Terminada
It’s the mid-1970s at a time before the TV recording function became commonplace. The Kaijuu Club is a group of youths that loves fancy special effects series such as Ultraman and Ultra Seven. They put everything into researching monsters which appear in these series from every possible angle and hold editorial meetings to publish a fan magazine on the monsters. The members of the club would gather at their usual coffee shop and have enthusiastic and heated discussions without being daunted by the chilly stares of the people around them. One of its members is Nakajima Ryota, a young man who loves monsters with a passion. He is the only one who has a girlfriend Yuriko and is troubled by the ultimate choice he must make time and again – should the members or Yuriko be his priority? It is her birthday on Sunday. But that day is also an important deadline for the club. The alien Metron watches over Ryota as he agonises. What will his choice be in the end?
  • Pugliesi
  • TheGiantClaw
  • Andrea Fraps
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